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Anyone who knows how to read "tsu" in Japanese should be able to get the joke:

(Note: made in 2mins using MSPaint)
2 minutes on MS paint. Its not the best thing i have seen. Spend more time on it. :amuse

Wrong section aswell. :ninja
I'm not very skillful at computer drawing; not at hand drawing either, but at least I like it, and if I spend some time I can get the drawing to look nice at least; but I ain't got a scanner.

I loved the joke, though, it just occurred to me out of nothing o.o
News: everyone that pays attention on how Deidara attacks in Shippuden anime should also understand the joke.

I promise that next time, if I get a good joke, I'll spend some more time on the esthetics. The thing is that it was really meant to be only a joke, rather than an image.

Thanks for the reps, though...
Oh well, the joke to those of you who couldn't get:

Most Japanese people don't say actually |tsu| in japanese, but rather |ts|. This makes Katsu pronounce |kats|, or |cats|
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