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Naruto Deidara & Sasori VS Edo Yugito & Edo Fuu.


Well-Known Member
2 vs 2. Team Battle.

#1. Deidara & Sasori


#2. Edo Yugito & Edo Fuu

Rules: Manga & Anime Feats Allowed. Deidara & Sasori both get Sealing Tags.

Restrictions: C-0.

Mindset: In Character with Serious Intent.

Location: Madara vs 5 Kages.

Starting Distance: 50 Feet apart away from each other.

Knowledge: None for all.

Win By: Death. Or Neutralization if that's not Available. Being Sealed Away for Edos.

Extramarital Child

Well-Known Member
Edo wins. Fuu can fly, thus negating deidara flight advantage, and Yugito should be able to take care of Sasori. I dont think he would be able to dodge chakra arms for that matter
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