Death of Rasengan...


No strong feelings whatsoever
So the unveiling of Naruto's new jutsu is probably only a couple of chapters away now, and by now it's pretty clear that it will be a complete form of the Rasengan.

I've noticed this has induced a lot of depression amongst those of us who wanted to see something new.

But I've got a feeling that we will see something entirely new. And what's more, I don't think we'll ever see Rasengan again after it is completed.

Rasengan is basically just one of the purest, most difficult forms of chakra control. It is just a spinning ball of chakra. Presumably it's extraordinarily difficult to maintain chakra with such density and for extended periods of time, for it took three years for the Yondaime to master it in this form. But if Naruto can do this quite easily, then what is to say he can't manipulate the chakra into other shapes for shorter bursts of time.

For instance:

During the VotE fight, you can see he manipulates chakra to actually extend away from his body in the form of an arm. (Kyuubi's influence guaranteed, but in this form it is still Naruto who is very much in charge).

The way I see it, Rasengan represents ultimate control, and it's this control that will be molded to fit Naruto's wind manipulation. It'll provide a backbone. Rasengan will no longer be a spinning ball of chakra, but a multi-purpose and flexible wind jutsu.

If this turns out to be the case, Rasengan will be made redundant and Naruto will never have to use it again.

Just a theory. :wink I'm trying to be optimistic because if it really turns out that this new jutsu is going to be a spinning ball with a slightly sharper edge, I think I'll have to kill myself.

But I don't think that will happen, because even Kishi would know that's an anti-climax. With so much emphasis being placed on this jutsu as 'ultimate' and placing Naruto above the Yondaime, it would indicate that it is more than just a mild upgrade.
well i think naruto will use the new supreme jutsu on stronger enemies, because i suppose it will take up alot of chakra or something, i think he will still use rasengan on weaker opponents
Jiraiya was talking about: Don't use "that jutsu". In theory this could be another strong jutsu we haven't seen yet.. Or he meant don't summon the frog, because you will call for Kyuubi chakra that way and that could turn out wrong. I don't know..
I am still upset. Kishi copped out by making Naruto use a new form of Rasengan. But then again, this is also plot foreshadowing... Naruto is going to surpass the 4th, and become the 6th Hokage.
if this is true, then Naruto will be able to go kyuubi w/out actually using kyuubi chakra with form manipulation, thereby giving him protection that he wouldn't be able to get alone, although it'll use massive amounts of chakra
Like said above, I'm sure Naruto would use Rasengan on weaker enemies. Just like how Jiraya used a weakened form or Rasengan on that guy in the city when searching for Tsunade.

Afterall, Wind Element with Rasengan would be like punching a hole in someone. It would be too deadly even in a weak form.
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