Deadpool vs. The New Mutants


Corporate America
* Prodigy (David Alleyne), the team's co-leader, who can utilize the skills and knowledge (but not powers) of those near him.

* Wind Dancer (Sofia Mantega), the other co-leader, who can create winds, fly via said winds, and eavesdrop over distances by conducting air vibrations.

* Wallflower (Laurie Collins), a shy girl, who generates pheromones that usually cause people near her to match her moods, although she has learned to control this.

* Elixir (Josh Foley), who can heal himself and others.

* Surge (Noriko Ashida), who absorbs electricity which she can release as blasts, or use for super-speed, but requires mechanical gauntlets to prevent overcharge.

* Icarus (Joshua "Jay" Guthrie), who flies on red, angel-like wings, heals rapidly, and possesses a very beautiful singing voice.

Deadpool with his usual disturbing regenerative powers, fighting at full strength, meaning none of this Hero Hunter "be careful not to badly cripple or kill people" nonsense. He is given backgrounds on the New Mutants, and 24 hours' preptime, just enough to formulate a basic plan and get himself his usual set of battle gear. Meanwhile, the New Mutants are left alone on the estate, chaperones and fellow students are elsewhere. Can Deadpool succeed in ko'ing all of them? Also, this is Elixir before he figures out how to use his abilities for offense as he has recently demonstrated.
Prodigy can only utilize his own teammates' skills. Deadpool's mind is immune to telepaths.

Wind Dancer could be a problem if she generates enough wind to blow him around, but then none of her teammates could get into position. Wade would shoot her down.

Wallflower could user her ability, but she'd affect her allies as well.

Elixir would be the first target, obviously, and he'd go down pretty fast seeing as a bloodlusted Deadpool goes straight for the kill, in as efficient a manner as possible.

Surge has nothing that Deadpool couldn't get past, eventually.

Icarus would be shot down. Really fast.
Deadpool gets preptime? He stalks them with a sniper rifle and finishes them off before they know what happened.

Or at least enough of them that he can polish the rest off easily.

(Really Surge and Winddancer are the only ones that pose a major threat to him, and as major threats go they won't be that bad)

Sigh, had to get me thinking about the classic team before they got @#$@ed after house-of-M.

Hey! I could claim it's the current incarnations of these characters! Elixer-in-a-coma and depowered Prodigy and Winddancer with a powered Surge and dead Wallflower and Icarus ;)
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