Dark Schneider please beark him down for me

can some one break down dark schneider for me like his powers, history and so on.

edit - can you tell me how many chapters of Bastard!! there are and where to find them multiple links would be great thank you.
I believe that there's a write-up of him in the "Powers Directory" sticky. The only feat that is under heavy fire is his speed. Currently, its not known what it is. It is, likely, FTL. How much more is what isn't known.

As for his history, from where I'm at in the manga and what I read online, he seems to be in the body of the reincarnated Lucifer and his earliest history was saying that he's tied to the God of Destruction Anthrax in some way.
I usually think Dark Schneider as the Japanese manga partial equivalent to VERTIGO's Lucifer. Note, I mean this parallel like Superman and Goku.
Comic Book Guy said:
I usually think Dark Schneider as the Japanese manga partial equivalent to VERTIGO's Lucifer. Note, I mean this parallel like Superman and Goku.

It's not really like that. DS and the rest of the upper teir angels and demons focus more on fighting and magic blasting than plain reality warping.

Think of it as a combination of Slayers, DBZ, and Saint Seiya (with a basis in Dante's Inferno instead of Greek religion).

Anyways, I'd also recommend the Powers Directory. Here's a link to Z~K's post (he's one of the few who have read the manga up to the latest volume)

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Keep in mind though, that the manga is still unfinished. DS has yet to show his newfound power after gaining the last piece of the Judas Pain.
Okay, this will be a long post. I wrote a summary of the Bastard!! manga for those who are interested in it. You'll need some time going through this, so please be patient. The important bits are a bit longer, but I tried to make this as short as possible.

Although there has never been an official timeline brought up, you can figure out through simple math around what time the manga plays.
It’s been a bit complicated but I believe it is some time in the future, actually in 24XX or something (not sure, I would have to look it up since the explanations are a bit confusing).

There are a few remarkable incidents in the Bastard!! timeline which will play important roles later on.

Everything starts with year 0, the birth of Jesus Christ. This is the time a prophecy sprung from that said when the war of Armageddon breaks out for the third time, the Adam of Darkness would come and open the Gates of Hell and lead Evil to victory.

At the time of 1999/2000 the civilisation as we know it came to an end (Y2K ftw!). The humans developed a technique which allowed them to combine science and occult magic and they gave birth to the Anthrax, the Goddess of Destruction, the ultimate weapon which could wipe out the entire world in seven days.

Of course mankind screwed up and lost control, the AI of the Anthrax was so highly developed that it started acting on its own. Modern civilisation was destroyed. Many people died. It was the end of the world. The second Armageddon.

Well, not really. Although it is not confirmed in the manga yet, it is assumed that the Anthrax was sealed back than and at the same time the Anthrax was completed, her “brother” was created as well – a powerful, artificial human. Most likely Dark Schneider. I assume it was him who fused with a magical armor and formed the “Dragon Knight” (who is mentioned several times in the manga) and thus took down the Anthrax.

It took a while but after the desastrous events mankind returned to the old ways of magic. The age of sorcery began.

383 years later. Dark Schneider and his four companions, the Riders of Havoc (I dunno if this is the correct translation into English, the German version has named them differently =P ) try to conquer the world with their magical forces and a legion of monsters and undead. They almost succeed but are put at hold at Kingdom Metallicana. Dark Schneider has to face his strongest enemy up till then – Prince Razu Ur Metallicana, who is also hailed as the mysterious “Dragon Knight”.

Dark Schneider loses the fight and is killed. Razu Ur Metallicana disappears and we later learn he was sealed into a little baby dragon.

DS’ army is split up and they give up on their conquest. For now. It is DS’ master student and adopted son Kal Su who strives for this ideal but deep down inside he feels empty and alone without Dark Schneider and so he decides on conquering the world and creating a new Utopia with the Goddess of Destruction, Anthrax, who apparently wasn’t destroyed almost 400 years ago but only sealed up somewhere.

This is where the actual storyline of the manga starts, 17 years after DS’ death, in the year 2400 (or so).

The Kingdom of Metallicana is under attack by a mage named Ozzie who works for Kal Su. The King is out of the country on a journy, only Princess Sheela (yes, the sister of Razu Ur who killed DS ), some ministers, the High Priest Tio Noto Soto ( I believe that’s the full name) and his beautiful 15 year old daughter Tia Noto Yoko (short Yoko) is in the castle.

Well, now the situation gets crispy as Ozzy has brought an army of orcs and two giants who go rampage in the castle and they are right about to destroy everything when Princess Sheela remembers that a mysterious old magician is supposed to be sealed somewhere in the castle. To make a long story a bit shorter, when DS died, his immortal soul was sealed in a little boy named Luzi RenRen, an orphan who used to live with Yoko since they were kids. Yoko likes him and Luzi likes Yoko, almost as much as he loves to do the laundry (his fetish =P ).

Yoko is urged to release the mage from Luzi with the kiss of a virgin (she certainly is). The mage is freed. It turns out it is the mysterious Dark Schneider. DS is grateful and happy to be free. He also remembers how Yoko’s father, the High Priest, has sealed him upon death and promises revenge. But first he pwns the enemy to thank Yoko for freeing him. Because Luzi and DS share body and soul and Luzi is in love with Yoko, DS is in love with her, too. He can take down almost anyone but when it comes to Yoko, he is helpless. Completely.

Well, DS is finished with Ozzie and is about to fry Tio, Yoko steps in and stops him. DS explains that he’s sharing body and soul with Luzi and he is still “her Luzi” but she doesn’t believe him and thinks he’s just some evil magician and wants to have her Luzi back. DS kisses her as a prove of his love and the spell starts working backwards, he’s released again.

From this intro in volume 1 I’ll skip a few things or else this will go over several pages more. In short, Kal Su sends more and more of his minions, DS is freed again and everytime he’s released, the seal weakens a bit more till he can come out when Luzi is asleep and later on he can break out with his will alone.

DS pwns the minions. Ninjamaster Gala, another of DS former comrades kidnaps Yoko. DS goes to get her back in exchange for his own body and is accompanied by the Princess Sheela and some knights. He finds Gala, they fight, it ends in a draw, Gala notices that DS has changed and is somewhat more kind now and decides to join him.

Kal Su is mad that Gala betrayed him and sends Ashes Ney, a darkelve, DS’ adoptive daughter and still-lover. She’s probably the second strongest of the Four Riders of Havoc. It comes down to a fight between them, DS converts her to the good side as well.

Kal Su’s ‘left hand’, Abigail (the third of the Riders), takes over. He sends some minions with magical artefacts. They get defeated by DS, Gala and Ashes Ney. The artefacts are stored somewhere in the castle of Metallicana. Abigail goes there himself, breaks in the castle and fuses with the artefacts. DS’ hardest fight starts in which Abigail, Tia Noto Yoko and he himself are killed.

Upon death, DS transfers his life-energy into Yoko, so she can be revived again. DS dies, his body reverts back to Luzi RenRen, who magically survives the wounds his body received as DS.

Two years pass. Ney is waiting for DS to return (he’s dead, dammit!) in an old mansion they once owned. Gaara is somewhere in the wilderness. Kal Su has taken over the country since DS’ absence and rules with an iron fist and with his special army of 12 magical generals.

Yoko and Luzi live with a group of renegade samurais. Kal assaults them eventually and they are in a pinch. Somehow Yoko manages to awake DS from Luzi again, apparently DS’ soul has survived within him. DS is angry to be woken up after a two years sleep. Major pwnage.

Things spin up, Kal manages to revive the Anthrax but he is controlled and possessed by her powers. DS has to fight the Anthrax. Draw, they both die.

While DS is send to Hell, the Anthrax evolves into an angel of God’s army. Apparently, when the Anthrax was created with occult magic from demons and science, this very black magic was nothing but an imitation of the white magic God’s angels use. That’s why Anthrax could evolve into an angel and bring the wrath of God.

God is fed up with the doings of the humans. Apparently it wasn’t enough for them to destroy the world once, now they are trying to do it again. In 6000 years of civilisation history, they have always destroyed. They make him sick. Time for punishment. Time for Armageddon. The third time to be precise.

Remember what the prophecy from year 0 said? When Armageddon strikes the third time, the Adam of Darkness comes? Right.

While human kind has to face the army of God (millions of angels coming down and wrecking havoc), DS is facing Satan himself in Hell. Of course they both remember each other vaguely. Why? Right, from the prophecy. Satan tells DS that he is the chosen one who will open the gates of Hell and lead them to victory over God. This has been decided more than 2000 years ago after all and Satan has been waiting for 400 years (since the second Armageddon in 1999/2000) for DS to come.

DS tells Satan to fuck off. He’s the lord of the world and doesn’t take shit from anyone. He doesn’t take orders, not even from Satan himself.

Satan sends some of his weaker minions, who still happen to be 6000 times as strong as the Anthrax (which basically just killed DS a few moments ago). DS has become much stronger again (maybe the influence of Hell?) and owns their asses easily.

Satan whips out the big calibres. He brings on his general, a female devil called Porno Diane (German translation, you might find Poruno Diana or Polno Diane or similar translations). DS has no chance against her.

For a devil, magic is a natural consequence of their movements, they don’t need incantation spells and concentration. DS however – just as every other human mage – has learned magic in form of an imitation of the angels and devils magic. He needs incantation and concentration, that’s why he can’t keep up. At first.

DS figures things out while Satan and his 7 Demon Kings are watching. DS finds a way to steal 6 pieces of the Judas Pain from 6 of the Demon Kings and thus obtains their powers. He also finds a way to free Gabriel, one of the Archangels, who was frozen in the ice in the deepest level of Hell, back then in the second Armageddon.
The manga has a time skip of four years, but DS obviously won against Porno Diane and indeed opened the gates of Hell. Cause, four years after this, Hell is on Earth. Most of Earths population is wiped out, almost all of DS’ friends are dead (or so he believes). A group of humans wanders the Earth, accompanied by three of Kal Su’s remaining generals (Kal Su regained his mind after DS fought and defeated him, right before he went on kicking the Anthrax’ ass. Just as a side note).

Well, the group of humans has to face some demons and a rather low-level devil, who still is enough to crush humans like they are maggots. Anyway, as they are slaughtered, fire rains from the Heavens. The four Archangels appear. THE FUCKING FOUR!!! Just so you know, the powerlevel of the devil would be around 10.000 at max. Archangel Michael (the leader, a woman) has a level of 400.000. Archangel Rafael (a guy) has 200.000. Archangel Gabriel (a girl, DS freed her from Hell) has 300.000. And finally Uriel ( guy) has 300.000 as well.

Major ownage for the demons and the devil. DS suddenly shows up as he is wandering the world. All of his friends are dead so he decides on getting revenge and cleansing Earth from the angel and devil scum. He and Uriel have encountered before, they HATE each other. DS is as strong in his base form as those four Archangels are now. He can keep up easily with them. But for some reason the devil – who shouldn’t be a problem – won’t die. A little cheap trick he used there. He implanted an angel in his body, rendering all other angel attacks useless. The Archangels can’t kill him, despite their power.

DS goes and tries fighting but is butchered as he tries protecting a group of humans. His body is blown to pieces but he survives as a head with spine attached (funny somehow).

It turns out the angel implanted in the devil (who is named Konron btw.) is the sister of Uriel. Uriel goes nuts as he notices this. DS tauntes Uriel further and they have some big talk about justice and stuff. Uriel stands no chances as his attacks are rendered useless. In order to win, he is forced to kill his own sister. He asks himself how this can be God’s unfailable justice and if they are just tools and he loses his believe in God.

Uriel turns into a fallen angel, he becomes a devil and his powers multiply. Michael is losing her patience as she sees this and tries to evaporate the devil Konron with her fire sword, which has the power of a nova. Konron keeps up and the clash ends with a draw.

However, DS has used the fire magic from the sword to upgrade his own powers and he restores his body again and decides to finish Konron off.

DS activates the 6 pieces of Judas Pain. Konron attacks him with a blast that has the power of a nuclear bomb. DS blocks it with a finger. After some fooling around, Konron is toast. DS proceeds to fight with the fallen Uriel. They are on par.

Eventually DS seems to defeat him as he strikes his inner core and blows him apart. This is where volume 22 ends.

I have volumes 23 and 24 as manga scans as well, but they are still in Chinese so I can’t exactly figure out what is going on. Just so much – Uriel isn’t dead yet and his power jumps another time. DS is in a pinch and has to draw out the “Dragon Knight” suit or something similar.
Z~K said:
However, DS has used the fire magic from the sword to upgrade his own powers and he restores his body again and decides to finish Konron off.

Mind explaining this? What happened to dispelbound?
lonewalker84 said:
Mind explaining this? What happened to dispelbound?

Okay, I didn't get into detail with Judas Pain and Dispel Bound as it might be confusing for some. Also, that's an issue I already explained in the Powers Directory thread of the OBD.

Anyway, already early in the manga DS has shown the ability to use fire or fire magic for his own uses. Throughout the manga it has become apparent that Dark Schneider has an affinity for fire and he is one time even symbolized as a phoenix (also note that he keeps on coming back and is revived or reincarnated several times now, just like a phoenix from the ashes). DS uses mainly Blach Magic and Elemental Magic minus Water and Ice. He can't use water and ice spells, this has always been the speciality of his master student and adoptive son Kal Su.

In one of the earlier volumes, when Yoko is kidnapped by Gala in exchange for DS' body and DS goes to rescue her, he is trapped by activating a mysterious old sword, which inhabits the spirit of Efreet, the impersonification of fire.

Note that DS is still rather weak in the beginning of the manga due to the 17 years enduring seal and he is far from his prime. His magic is already pretty depleted and he has to put up with a 300 year old spirit who can turn himself into a hot fire burst of 2000+ degrees Celcius. He was even melting the rock and ground around him.

Now, DS had no spell to harm Efreet since his fire magic wasn't sufficient to hurt the spirit. So he decided to add the fire of Efreet to his own fire spell and upgraded it this way and managed to overcome Efreet and beat him into submission.

What happened with Archangel Michael's sword was exaclty the same. DS, while only being reduced to his head and spine, absorbed the fireblase of the sword which had the power of a nova and converted the fire magic to restore his physical body.

After this he activated Judas Pain and beat Konron and a bit later in the fight with Uriel he used Dispel Bound for the first time.

Did that answer your question? :amuse
Magic in Bastard!!

Just a little explanation how magic works in the Bastard!! universe.

First of, for we have the magic used by humans, by angels and devils.

Angels are limited to White Magic and Spiritual/Life Magic. Devils and Demons are limited to Black Magic and most likely to either Spiritual/Life Magic or Death Magic. Both of them create magic as a natural consequence of their movements.

Humans can use all classes of magic there is, which are namely four:
White Magic, Black Magic, Spiritual/Life Magic and Death Magic. The latter is made up from the four elements fire, water, earth and wind; basically it’s elemental magic.
Humans need incantation spells and some degree of concentration as well as possible gestures to make their spells work as they are just imitated forms of the Angel’s and Devil’s magic (in fact, the Devils brought magic to human kind in occult rituals, talking about seducing them to the dark side).

Some magical spells also require a God or Deity as guide for using the source, for example, Dark Schneider uses the powers of the War God “Black Mo” for some of his spells; Kay Han ( a female side character and a minion of Ashes Ney, adoptive daughter and lover of DS) uses the War God “Sogu Oi” for one of her spells.

Now, for a few examples of these kinds of magic and some characters who use them.

Dark Schneider is specialised in the use of Black Magic and Death Magic. DS can use any type of Death Magic except water (and therefore he has no access to ice either). DS prefers the use of fire spells and thunder and lightning/electricity spells which have their source in the element wind. His strongest fire spell is “Black Sabbath”, a forbidden spell that works with temperatures contained within a shielded area which could easily melt down to the core of the planet and destroy the world (hence why it is forbidden). His strongest lightning spell is probably “Tesura” which creates a storm which can rip humans apart and throws lightning with a voltage of 200.000 volt. “Tesura” is also Ashes Ney’s signature spell as she specialises in the usage of wind type Death Magic.

Dark Schneider’s signature spell is “Venom”, the only spell unique to him. The power source is Black Magic. While it doesn’t have the most destructive force and only covers a rather small area, it is still extremely deadly and cruel. Venom summons destructive and very aggressive enzymes from another dimension. They confuse the cell growth of the enemy and decompose his body structure. The victim is turned to dust within split seconds. A side effect of the spell is the production of great heat which destroys every possible remains.

Kal Su (adoptive son and master student of DS) has specialised in Death Magic and is known for his title “High King of Ice”. He is specialised in the use of water and ice magic solely and is a true master. His strongest spell “Testament” is freezing the movement of molecules and his enemies crumble to dust.

Tia Noto Yoko and her father Tio are priests and specialise in the use of Spiritual/Life Magic. Those include healing spells and force fields and magical shields. One of the strongest spells of the healing category would be the “Healing Hand of Silver” which can basically fully restore a body that just died or was close to death as long as the body isn’t torn apart. The strongest shield spell ever is “Striper”, which renders all types of magic null and void, but it comes with the disadvantage that the caster can’t use magic himself after casting this spell as it absorbs every bit of magical substance in the shield.

“Glover” is another spell which has only been used once by DS, it puts a limiter on 30% of the spell arsenal of the one it is cast upon. The specifics and effects of this spell are unknown.

Ede Ee, an ancient undead Lich priest who was once imprisoned in the basement of castle Deep Purple had been freed in the early volumes of the manga and ordered to kill Dark Schneider. His signature spell “Suicidal Tendencies” uses the source of Black Magic and creates a fine mist of a destructive gas. It only works for a set amount of time before the gas dissipates but it is able to decompose anything. A sorcerer needs special antibodies to resist the spell. A truly vicious spell that can destroy close to everything.

P.S. If it's hard to make out, I can reupload them (photobucket and their auto resize)

- Renren as Lucifer.
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