Cyborg 009 vs the Narutoverse


Tis' not pee
Scenario 1: All the Cyborgs are in their respected bodies.

Scenario 2: All the Cyborgs are combined into one Being.

*this applies to cyborgs 0-9

They are fighting every character we know about, alive or dead, in the Narutoverse.
-no biju
-no summons

what happens?

009's speed boost is as fast as it was in the beginning of the series.
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Cyborg 009? The one cyborg with that number soloes the verse by himself. There isn't a single Naruto alive that can actually touch; at least not without his speed mode making it so that they die the moment he actually touches them...
Cyborg 009's second accelerate mode moves him somewhere around Mach 50 or above and I think can easily bust futurastic mechas and buildings.

Let's not even bring in Accelerate Mode 3. :hehee
He still beat a guy whose accelerate was originally superior to his, who I'm pretty sure still moves a couple times that of mach speeds.

Doesn't really change anything.
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It's been awhile since I saw Cyborg 009, last time I saw when it was on Cartoon Network. But wouldn't Yondaime / Itachi be able to catch up to him (Just 009 byhimself), even if he is off-guard? Just wondering so I can get a better understanding how this would work out.
No luffy's gears will not help him because he is not from the Narutoverse. But even if it was Luffy vs 009 I am pretty sure Luffy has no chance against the speed blitz
He wasnt moving at Mach 10 in the beginning of the series?

Between Mach 5 to Mach 10 at the start, at the minimum given his very easy bullet-timing feats and the amount of distances he's easily covered.

Wont Luffy's gears help him?

What does Luffy have to do with Naruto?
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