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Part: 1

Naruto was walking back from the Hokage tower after their chat. He was both happy, and invariably pissed off. His father had sealed a curse in him and abandoned him. Sometimes he even wondered whether becoming a shinobi was a good idea.

Well, to late for that he had just been promoted to chuunin, for defending Konoha against Shukaku and retrieving the Uchiha deserter and bringing him back for trial.

"Naruto your father was the Yondaime, Minato Namikaze."

Naruto kicked a rock as hard as he could sending it flying into a puddle. As if Kami himself were crying tears of pity a torrential rain poured down soaking him. Water logged his boots and felt cold against his bare arms.

"He left you all of his possessions."

He turned a corner walking into downtown Konoha. He stopped by the restaurant called Ichiraku Ramen, a fine establishment that was one of the few to allow him to reside. Even Ayame and her bubbly attitude could cheer him up now.

He and your mother loved you very much.

He raised his hand to signal for his customary order of five miso's, which was met by a smile with Ayame.

"Who was my mother?"

He slurped vigorously at the noodles. Letting the steaming hot water splatter across his vest.

"Your mothers name, was Uzumaki Kushina, the Whirlpool Princess."

He payed throwing a crumpled up bill on the counter and waved goodbye. He had to meet TenTen for their daily practice. During the month of practice they had he had met her seething from an embarrassing practice from Neji. She needed someone to vent her anger to, unfortunately, Naruto was the only one around.

Again, he seethed, why did his father leave him like this, and why did his mother have to die. It was at this moment that a particular villager made his last mistake.

"Hey demon, you crushed my..."

"My people are getting rather frisky recently. There have been more people in the past weak breaking the law, too my face no less, than in my entire life." Naruto grabbed the man by the back of his shirt and threw him straight up in the air. He landed face first about five feet away. He wasn't dead but one of his vertebrae had been smashed paralyzing the man from the neck down. He would be however if nobody helped him since he was face down in a puddle.

Never mess with a pissed of demon, especially one that has gotten past his first kill.

The Higarashi smithery was a very impressive building. It was the standard wooden and metal hybrid that most of the Konoha buildings consisted of but it was much larger than any of the other shops. When he walked in he noticed all of the weapons that they had in stock. No matter how many times he came they seemed to be at full stock. The entire back room was full of more customized and powerful weapons as well as the forge. TenTen walked out of the back wearing a leather smock. Her face was covered in soot and her face was indignant.

"Sorry Naruto-kun, I can't train today, Moms a slave driver, says she wants me to know how to properly make kunai. Some shit about the last batch having to much slag and the customers complaining."

"Okay see ya." He was not in a mood for a long drawn out conversation. He turned around and left, missing the expression on TenTen's Face.

'I feel tired already. I haven't even checked out the Namikaze compound. The sorry bastard least' had the common decency to leave me something.' He looked up at the monument when he walked, most specifically at the head he always sat on. He raised his middle finger and shook his head holding back tears.

"You bastard, I'll take all of what you left me to become stronger. I will become stronger. For you and Mother." He muttered under his breath. He continued walking down the street.

"FUCK YOU DEMON LOVERS." A chuunin drove his tanto in between the eyes of Teuchi killing him instantly. He then grabbed Ayame and pushed her down to the floor ripping her shirt open. He laughed wildly hearing the sobbing screams of the girl. "YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN TO SERVE HIM. NOW YOU'LL PAY THE PRICE!"

Skipping the witty banter Naruto ran as fast as he could, pulsating demonic chakra. His eyes were glowing violently, as to pierce the man's very soul with sheer rage. He dropped the metal tip of his boot into the side of the mans face. Sending him sprawling.

"Fuck, what are you."

"I am your own personal Shinigami, see you in hell, and have a nice day!" He knocked the man out with a slap to the temple and took him to a back alley. Where he took two kunai and crucified the man, while pulsating his youkai into the weapons cauterizing the wounds so they couldn't bleed. He took out another kunai and sliced a thin line down the mans gut, should he be disturbed his entrails would spill out. But until then he would be very alive and in pain.

He walked over to Ayame who was crying, she looked scared, no, terrified. He covered her by pulling her shirt together and flinging her over his shoulder.

"I'm going to get the Hokage, we're going to set a few things straight. Everything will be all right as long as your with me.
Part 2:

~1 Hour Later~

The Hokage walked along with Naruto and Ayame, he had dispatched a large amount of ANBU SAR, or ANBU Sabatoge and Reconnaissance. Not on any foreign threat; ironically, on his own villagers. He had been so foolish not to realize the number of people that broke the law so casually. It was now punishable by death to mention the secret, he had already vetoed an attempt by the council to tear down the law. Dressed as normal civilians, they struck down their opponents with discreet poisons.

They arrived at the Namikaze compound, The houses design wasn't odd in itself. It was a traditional wooden home like all of the other clan buildings. It was two stories tall in all places and very spread out across the grounds. The overall shape of the building was square in the center, then branches twisting out of it like a swastika.

All in all, the house looked to be about a hundred feet wide and roughly fifty feet tall It had an air of quality and finesse that was lacked by many of Konoha's tacky buildings.

?Well, what do you think?? The Hokage smiled and Naruto raised his eyebrows as did Ayame. His voice was both proud and uneasy, as though he was actually surprised they liked it.

?Lets go inside, I?ll give you a tour,? The Hokage said as he strolled through the field and up to his front door. It was elegantly designed and built of solid, dark brown wood that the Hokage couldn?t identify, it unlatched with a click as an intricate seal dispelled itself and allowed them to pass.

The living room was what they'd expected. It was a small square room that lacked any real defining features. Well, except for the posh furniture and a T.V. Metal stairs rose up to the second floor.

?Kick off your shoes and follow me,? Sarutobi calmly said, kicking his own sandals.

The room they entered next was a proper lounge, as it was dark and warm looking with beat up armchairs and a couple couches taking up most of the space, it looked as if it had been designed by teenagers that just wanted to relax.

The Namikaze had built a modest sized dojo along the side of his house. Though it wasn?t very large, it was enough for him to practice katas and weapon skills inside. The dojo was astounding. The sheer variety of weapons they owned was breathtaking. The clan must have been weapon collectors, because most of them hadn't been seen for hundreds of years.. There were the usual katanas, ninjatos, assorted shorts swords and kunai, but there were also very strange ones. Axes, spears, bows, shields, a couple sets of what looked like armor. There were also weapons to strange to identify.

Naruto walked up to one rack and lifted an odd weapon that looked like a long iron tube with a handle that could be held like a club. It was hollow enough to fit a kunai in.

Sarutobi led the children back through the living room, this time he opened the door across from the entrance. It led down a large hall with family pictures of long forgotten people. It led to a kitchen that was very modern unlike the rest of the house. It had all of the common household items as well as many other fancy ones. There was a rack holding utensils.

"Sweet Kami, this is the best kitchen I have ever seen." Ayame said.

"Your free to use it anytime you want." Naruto said, what the hell Ayame deserved it.

They walked back out into the hallway and went further down to the next door and opened it up. The Hokage briefly glanced in the open doorway on her left and nodded in approval of the clan dining room with a table that could fit the entire compound.

The next room was a bathing room which was almost as large as an onsen, and in fact it was. One entire wall had been made glass to show the beautiful garden outside. There was a small shower and a rack of bathing supplies had been set up.

They walked to the last doorway in the hall and walked into Minato's favorite room.

The Hokage gestured around the large room. They stood in a large room that was filled with lots of tools. To the right of the door, two long and clean tables had been set up. There were tubes and vials set over Bunsen burners. High shelves lined the walls. The Vials, jars, and other containers all contained varied chemical compounds and elements.

The old man walked to the wall and stepped onto a weird sheet of metal lying on the floor.

?This house even has an elevator, impressive."

?More like a maintenance lift,? they stepped off the platform and into the room. "Your clan decided to connect the library to the lab for quick access to technical information."

The shape of the room was identical to the workshop below, but it was much larger. A couple armchairs and a small coffee table were set up on that side of the room as well, for playing Shogi or Go. There was also a large oak desk situated comfortably in the corner of the room.

?Go on in.?

?A bedroom?? She questioned while turning to the teen as he stepped up next to her.

?Yeah. Nice isn?t it?? Sarutobi replied.

The room was wide and open, with tall windows. A single dresser and side table had been set up in the nearest corner to the left. Their was a large canopy bed that was insanely big, it could easily fit 10 people.

Ayame and Naruto tested it, their consensus was, ?I could lay here all day.?

"Naruto, this is now your official domicile. The paperwork has already been taken care of. You have exclusive rights for this place." At that Ayame looked down, knowing that she would have to leave, she would have to go back to her bloodstained house where she couldn't be greeted by her father. A tear rolled down her cheek. Naruto picked up on this.

"Hokage-ojiisan, is it possible that Ayame-chan could stay at the compound with me. I doubt she wants to go back to her house at this point?" The old man rubbed his chin.

"There are three ways. One you could adopt her, which is impossible since she is older than you. Two, you could marry her, which is unlikely. And third, you could employ her, therefore allow her to stay on the clan grounds."

"How does that sound to you Ayame-chan, you could be my personal chef." He gave a slight grin. She ran up and sobbed into his shoulder.

"Th...Thank you, I couldn't go back, I'm sorry."

"Shh, shh, it's no problem don't worry about it." Naruto cried slightly as well. They had nearly died because of him, his emotional resolve weakened for only a second.

The Sandaime waited for the crying to stop before he took a drag of his pipe. "If that's settled then I'll draw up the paperwork. Ayame Ichiraku, head chef of the esteemed Namikaze clan.

"Ojii-san, can you please grant me a weeks leave, I'll start taking missions after that. I'll keep up my training but I need to look after Ayame, she's very close to cracking under the stress." He whispered the last part.

"I don't like it, but you've earned as much Naruto, I'll leave you two alone." He teleported away leaving the two to their business.
Part: 3

"Ayame, I've got to go train, help yourself to the house."

Naruto had been in contact with the Kyuubi since he was ten, but had yet to teach him anything until he wasn't as pathetic [read: until he became chuunin]. The whole training regiment had been planned out months in advanced.

'I'll relinquish control for a second, summon yourself, and if you can summon anything else you need.

The Kyuubi didn't answer, she just made him form hand seals and summon herself, not nearly as old as you would think, instead she was about fifteen. She was in her human form. Had a collar with the kanji for seal embedded in it. She had long crimson hair that had been tied up in a single bun. Her eyes were a matching crimson and were slitted like a fox's eye. She was curvy and soft around the edges with huge breasts for her age. A gray kimono floated down her hugging her curves nicely.

"It feels good to be free!" The booming voice wasn't their but she still managed to pull the evil thing.

Part two of the plan was simple, Kyuubi would enlist some help from her former subordinates.

"NOW BEHOLD MY TOP RIVAL! THE GOBI NO HOUKOU!" With this a women fell through a hole that was formed in the air. She was about twenty and flat chested. She had very lean and mean muscles that were a very pale tan, only slightly thicker than Gai's. Her hair was done with a back in a Shikimaru style pony-tail. She wore something similar to a cliche cartoon ninja costume minus the head mask

"What the hell?" Gobi scowled and spit, a nasty habit, "Kyuubi-hime, it's a pleasure, but why the fuck are you here. Last time I heard you were sealed into a little fleshf****r."

"Ahem." The Kyuubi pointed to Naruto, "We've made a deal of sorts, we want you to train him in taijutsu."

"Listen Kyuubi-hime, we've been friends forever, and you are technically still my boss, but you don't expect me to train a flesh..."

"Ahem!" This time she coughed a little more forcibly, "I recognize that we're friends but that doesn't give you an excuse to disobey an order. This boy might me the one to take down, them." She had pulled Gobi away from Naruto so as not to hear the last part."

"Fine," She scowled as she looked at Naruto. "You are the sorriest peace of flesh I have ever seen. You will likely not survive this training so I have one test before I officially except you." She smiled showing her wolf like canines, before she pivoted on her foot and walked away from him. He looked puzzled when he suddenly hit the floor. With all of her strength she drop kicked him in the crotch.


"The boys still conscious, and he retains the ability to have children. He's worthy in my book." She grabbed him by the nape of his neck and dragged him out, Kyuubi, even when outside of the seal, had left youkai in his system to heal him, and that chakra was being used to regenerate lost cartilage.

She dropped him back in the garden in a small cobblestone path that was overgrown with weeds and surrounded by flowers.

"Kage Bunshin!" Gobi yelled showing her canines, she spat on the floor. "This is a training exercise I like to call pain sit-ups. You won't like it at all. All you have to do is sit ups."

Two clones grabbed his feet and one stood to the side of him as the Five-tailed wolf watched in amusement.

"One!" He touched his elbows to his legs and went back down where he was punched in the gut.


"What the hell was that?!?" He gagged out his air.

"I didn't give you permission to stop keep going till you hit one-hundred!" She laughed sadistically.

"Gobi-hime, don't you think this is a bit excessive, he is a human."

"When have you ever known me not to be excessive."

He kept going, and going, he couldn't make it past thirty five before he collapsed.

"YOU FAILED! Now we're going to go over the first kata once your done coughing up blood." She rubbed her chin while grinning. "What should your punishment be for not completing your exercises."

"Bitch." He wiped his mouth and got up barely, knees shaking.

"You better believe it," She winked at him and took a normal fighting stance, straight out of academy taijutsu, in front of a pond. "Hit me with your best shot."

"I thought this was going to be a kata?"

"Just do it!"

Naruto ran and tried to punch her in the face, standard brawling, she caught his fist and elbowed him in the jaw, it sickeningly cracked out of place. She then hefted him into the water by the straps on his jacket.

"First rule, dirty fighting is your friend, second rule, no katas, just practice."

Naruto panicked as he breathed in the first breath of icy cold water. He wasn't that good of a swimmer. His arms flailed and his eyes stung, he broke the surface coughing up the water in his lungs.

"Denied," She was balancing on top of the water, and she pushed his head back under, before throwing him on land.

"Yutori No Itami." (Room of Pain) Gobi deadpanned.

"You didn't?!?" The Kyuubi looked horrified.

"Oh yes I did."

"He won't survive the stress."

"Well that's just to bad for him."
Part: 3

~Gobi Mind Prison~

Naruto sat chained to a chair, he had no chakra and was blindfolded and gagged. Slowly he felt the cotton lifting off of his eyes to see Hinata, Kyuubi, and TenTen sitting in front of him holding large syringes, that looked like they could be used for cattle. Each filled to the brim with liquid potassium. They each drove it into his heard but he didn't die. He felt it as the boiling substance was transported to all parts of his body. His skin slowly melted off as he was transported to another room.

The new room was white and clean, but Naruto was dripping blood all over it. One by one civilians walked into the room through an unseen door. Each holding a katana. Each took one slice and dissipated. He finally limped over and died when his Aortra was ruptured after the 100th cut.

He was hanging by a noose unable to breath. His father and mother sitting in front of him smiling evilly holding nothing.

"Your worthless."

"Your a demon."

"A disgrace to your village."

"You should just die."





"He's still going strong." The Gobi looked geniunely impressed.

"If he survives this, I swear I'm going to kill you. If he doesn't I'm going to kill you more. That's a SS demon Kinjutsu and you used it on a human."

"You wanted me to train him this is the best way to train him if he can survive this than he will be able to fulfill his duties without flinching."

~Gobi's Mind Prison~

Naruto was pondering, he was at a crossroads, he couldn't get past this puzzle.

In front of him stood a giant ogre like oni. He had two cups in front of him the size of Naruto himself. He would have to identify which one was safe and which one was poison. It was his tenth try and each time he'd stick his head into acid or poison. The worst time was the double nightshade extract, a deadly natural poison.


"No thanks I don't like humans." The goblin sneered and flicked a piece of meat out of his teeth. It touched down next to Naruto, the 'small piece of meat' was in reality the size of a cow.

Naruto took a cup and hefted it into the air, running on sure rage and adrenaline. The liquid compound hit the ogre in the eyes letting them dribble out like water.


He then pushed the other liquid onto his lap, it was a sickly yellowish jelly like napalm; unsurprisingly, it was and burst into flames on the goblins lap. He died slowly allowing Naruto to pass into the small playground beyond.


"Explain this jutsu to me. You said it never lasted this long."

"It normally doesn't, it's not a combat jutsu, but a training jutsu, well to explain fully I'll have to fill you in on a medical concept." She took a breath. "When you exercise your muscles tear themselves to shreds only to repair themselves, and when they repair themselves they become stronger. This genjutsu traps the user in their own personal nightmares and puzzles, but they feel real pain. In reality the pain is coming from the victims own muscles, this jutsu causes them to rip and repair themselves fast, bulking them up significantly."

"It sounds like it hurts like a bitch."

"That's putting it lightly."

~Gobi's Mind Prison~

Naruto sat on a swing watching chibi rookie nine play. The got closer and closer to his swing. They shot disgusted glances at him. They threw rocks and sticks. He wouldn't move, he couldn't hurt his comrades.

These weren't his comrades, and who would know.

No he couldn't.

He got up and struck a small Kiba, who had just had Akamaru piss on his leg. Slowly all of the children growled and got on all fours. Within a second they were wolves tackling him and yanking out flesh except for Sakura who stood above him.

"You shouldn't have done that Naruto-baka, but you always were the weakest out of all of us. Especially Sasuke-kun."


Naruto stopped convulsing, and snapped his eyes opened.

"WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED WOMAN!" He leaped up and tried to attack her clawing away at her face. She grabbed both of his wrists and squeezed cracking them. Kyuubi passed a load of youkai through their link to heal them.

"You are a lot stronger, and faster. That would have never have gotten even close to me before."

He dropped to his knees, he didn't cry, but only because he was in so much pain he passed out.

"Fuck, trainings over for the day." She picked him up bridal style carrying him into the couch of the lounge turning on the T.V. Kyuubi snuck down the hall and up onto the lift. In the library she walked around looking for the jutsu section. The scrolls were lined up very organized she realized that the ones for Katon were closest to the big desk, and she did like fire. She kicked her feet up onto the desk and opened the scroll. Makai Rendan, Makai no Tate, and Makairyuudan were jutsu's that would be perfect for Naruto and more importantly her.

She noticed the glint of a chrome leaf symbol on the side of the desk. That was odd, chrome didn't belong on a 100 year old wood desk. She got out of the chair and inspected it more. it appeared to have a mechanism holding it in place, she ran her hand across it, and it didn't budge, she then tried adding chakra; which, was also a failure.

'Maybe it is a blood activated seal. Maybe I have enough of Naruto's DNA to open it.'

She bit her thumb and ran it down the mechanism causing it to whirr and spin. It stopped in an inverted position and popped open a small compartment with a scroll. This scroll she couldn't open. No matter how much she tried, it required exactly the genetic code of Naruto, or at least, that was what she figured.

"Damn it open!" It still wouldn't budge. She slammed it on the table, well, she had to get the rest of the material for Naruto's learning. She closed the desk and walked to the Fuuinjutsu section, which was the largest, and got a few basic seal knowledge scrolls.

"Ninjutsu, taijutsu, and fuuinjutsu covered. He probably won't show any interest in genjutsu for a while. What else could he learn." The kyuubi had a bad habit of talking to himself. "Oh duh! He still has no basic knowledge of chemistry and science. We'll need to go over that."

~Next Day, Namikaze Compound~

Naruto woke up to a sweat, sweat smell. He walked down to his kitchen to see Ayame wearing a kiss the chef apron cooking a pot of pancakes and eggs.

"Ayame, you don't actually have to be my cook. I just said that so you could stay here." Naruto was glad she did cook, because he would be eating cereal again without her.

"Nonsense, if I'm going to live in your house I can at least help out." She resumed humming and flipping the pancakes. "It'll be done in about an hour so build up an appetite." Her smile widened and her white teeth shined. Though some layers of hurt were still trapped in her eyes.

He walked outside into the garden to meet the Kyuubi and Gobi meditating.

"What the hell, you've just been walking around! Somebody could have seen you two!"

"Relax ero-kit, we allready explained to Ayame we're helping you train, we just left out the part about being tailed demons."

"Ya, don't get your panties in a twist!"

"Anyway, speaking of training. It's time for pain sit ups." Naruto shuttered as the Gobi gave a toothy grin.

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