Crazy Itachi [386 page


This is the page from old chapter but i like it and i decided to color it:
Here you have:

pls leave your comments
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It seems kind too me, colorwise.

I dunno, it just looks kind of off. =/

It's pretty cool though.
I think is a first good work by you^^ really you make fast progress and nice backgruands. but hair could be better sasuke
Hmm, everything appears to be somewhat flat; especially the hair. The color choices on some parts were a little off as well. Such as the mouth, and skin tone. There is also a blank spot on the left side of his mouth. The background confuses me as well, as I thought there was rock of some kind. Though I assume you are just starting, no? Keep practicing and you should be fine with these in the future.

I think the hair and the highlights look pretty nice, but the skin looks very poor. The color seems to be drained out of their faces and there is no sign of shading anywhere.
lol, this pic is just awesome!
I never excepted to see itachi like this!

Nice coloring
I really like the Mangekyou Sharingan!
Itachi's eyes are nice but perhaps you can add more shadows to his features to bring them out more. To make it look less flat.:)
your coloring style is quite different than what I've seen with others, though the eyes stand out more than any other part of the coloring and that's quit distracting don't you think?
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