Could someone explain this to me?

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I'm sorry if this has already been discussed but I looked and didn't see anything. Its about Oro/Sasuke/and Kabuto.

Okay, I thought that Sasuke killed Oro right? Thats how Kabuto did some kind of wierd thing and managed to combine Oro's body with his. That was pretty cut and dry, but the manga now has me confused.

Now Oro turned out to be inside of Sasuke? How can this be? The only thing I can think of is that somehow Sasuke managed to take in Oro's chakra and thereby some how keeping Oro alive. So in a way, Sasuke is part Oro now, and all Kabuto is.. is a freak.

Am I far off?
Oro's soul is trapped in Saskay-kon and his DNA is raping Kabuto from teh behind.

He's a very complex ninja/freak/child molestor :zaru
sasuke beat oro's body transfer, making him trapped in sasuke's mind.

kabuto took oro's scaly body and implanted it on himself, and the oro DNA is seeping thru kabuto's body
Orochimaru was (since he's not in Sasuke anymore) inside both Sasuke and Kabuto at the same time.

On a related note, Orochimaru won.:awesome
Yeah.. Oro is a survivor thats for sure lol Even if part of him died (like twice!) he's still alive in Kabuto.
you know, oro would probably survive nuclear warfare were it to fall upon him. he just doesn't know what it means to die.
oro's mind and body were split. kabuto fused the body with himself in a voldemort-esque fashion. oro's mind went into sasuke's subconcious where it was surpressed by sasuke's chakra. when he ran out, oro's mind escaped and reformed a new body, attacked itachi, got bitch raped, and most likely killed. now there is only one oro left.
Oro's DNA still In Kabuto and slowly taking over him according to Hinata.

Oro's chakra (and probably his soul/mind) was absorbed by Sasuke and it emerged when Sasuke's chakra source ran real low but got instant wtfbitchpwned by Itachi in matter of manga panels.
lulz nub thought oro was gonna actually die to a brat like sasuke

no wonder youre so confused now hahaha

never again think eternal white snake can die to some egotistical punk uchiha
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