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My knowledge of comics is fairly limited, but I was always wondering if there have been people in comics who are similar in abilities and personality to some people in various manga.

That being said, is there anyone in any comic that is similar to Sasuke (uses lightning based moves and a sword)
is the only person that comes to mind immediately.

He's basically a peak human swordsman that can channel energy through his (psudomagical) sword.

He'd get stomped by Sasuke though IMO.

There aren't a lot of sword fighters in Marvel though. Don't know about DC.
so sword and electircity is what is required?

that is all i could think off with thous
No, I mean you don't have to find people that are only like Sasuke, the point of this thread is to find comic counterparts to manga characters and vice versa.
Red Shift, one of the Heralds, used swords that he channeled the Power Cosmic through.

Luffy is like Reed Richards without the intelligence.

Korvus (Shi'ar Phoenix host) is almost an exact clone of Zack Fair from FFVII, down to the hair, costume, and sword.

The Contractors from Darker than Black have very similar abilities to Marvel mutants, from cryokinesis to teleportation to electromagnetic control.
Superman and Goku have similarites as far as their origin stories go.

Now that I think about it Comic book characters and Manga characters aren't all that similar.
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