Tutorial Clipping Mask Tut (PS)


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Well, a clipping mask is very easy to do and you can get some cool effects when you use it (:


1.- Create a transparent layer

2.- Put something in the layer :zaru (like brushes, text, etc. Just be careful and don't put something too big)

3.- click on the eye-shaped icon beside the layer

4.- Create a new layer and go to Image => Apply Image

5.- Now press Ctrl+G and you'll see something like this : (If you use CS3, press Ctrl+Alt+G :wink I don't really know if you have to do this in another PS versions :oh Just try)

6.- Now move the layer until you get something you like :D

Some examples:


And now, If you followed the steps you'll get something like this:


Now, If you followed the steps....

Note: I know, In this sig that brush doesn't look very well :sweatdrop But it's just an example :zaru


And that's all

P.S: Sorry for my sucky english
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