Classified documents found at Pence’s Indiana home


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For what, an accident?
I believe Biden and Pence did it on accident, but depending on what the classified information is, that accident can be deadly.

If an ordinary person can go to prison for accidentally running somebody over, an ex-president or vice president can go to prison for accidentally taking the nuclear codes home with him.


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I hopped over to Wikipedia to see if Dick Cheney is still alive. I know his ass has confidential papers in his office. Call it a hunch.
Information appraised as having permanent historical value is automatically declassified once it reaches 25 years of age unless an agency head has determined that it falls within a narrow exemption that permits continued classification and it has been appropriately approved.


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But what about Hillary's emails? :hm
I remember the Wall Street Journal being one of the people who published the entire email database of Hillary and the gov was asking the American public to look at them. I feel left out in these secret document cases or hunter's laptop. We can't we see trade talks and Hunter's penis?


Let us leave pretty women to men with no inagination - Marcel Proust
I went on a tour when I was like 12 and they have yet to find any at my house.
That's because you were not paying attention, they give them out after showing the bathroom. The other way, if you missed the tour, is to break through the windows with a MAGA hat and say that ANTIFA is hiding stuff there and you want to double check as a law abiding concerned tax paying citizen.


Let us leave pretty women to men with no inagination - Marcel Proust


"You get classified documents! And you get classified documents! Everybody gets classified documents!"



The findings at Pence’s residence come as President Biden faces mounting criticism, which had also come from Pence, over the discovery of classified materials at Biden’s old office at a Washington, D.C., think tank and at his Delaware home.


Let us leave pretty women to men with no inagination - Marcel Proust
You have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to get to Biden being the only one wrong.
So conservatives are now going full reverse from Sleepy amnesia Joe forgets everything lol, to mental quantum computing Joe should be able to track all documents he ever encountered in the past 50 years like all politicians or else face the consequences.


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Ah, we're playing this "let's rehabilitate past presidents" game again. I'm tired of old war criminals trying to get brownie points for not being clowns like our recent presidents. It's true that it's easy to have rose colored glasses about past presidents if you care more about superficial things.

But on real substantive things, I think that Trump > Bush, since Bush gave more cutouts for the rich than Trump and Trump made some attempt to end the war that Bush started.
I also think that Biden > Obama in retrospect too. Biden is probably the best president of my life so far, but still Fuck Joe Biden since that's an indictment of the other presidents and less a praise for Joe lol. I don't really want to get into disappointments over Obama though.
Like I've said, I'd rather focus on war crimes of US presidents than procedural shit, but we're probably not getting the former, so I'll settle for the latter.

It does seem like we have had a recent epidemic of entitled leaders at the highest echeleon feeling like they own their job and everything that comes with it. President, Vice President, Cabinet member... these are temporary posessions that they leave behind when they are finished, even if they plan on returning to office later or still maintain some connections. Maybe it's because they know a lot of powerful unelected officials that function this way (probably shouldn't but they can), maybe it's because they care more about these jobs as feathers in their caps then as stewardship of this country. Whatever the case, I'd appreciate legal action putting this kind of thinking in its place. This is a rare opportunity too, since we could get around the inevitable accusations of partisan action if we just do Trump, Pence, Biden and one's choice of HRC or Hunter (I don't care, let voters decide that one I guess) and call it a day.

But like I said before, the fact that we have enough offense on both sides (even though Trump's offense > Biden's = Pence's > HRC's) that it'll ultimately decided that two wrongs make a right and it "balances out", rather than two wrongs means twice as much failure here and doubling our need to put a stop to this.


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Wtf was up with Pence piling on before he checked to make sure he was clean lol
I guess he plans to face Trump in the primary and then Biden in the general so it could've just be too much thirst for a dual takedown.

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What a joke this entire situation is.

My three cents:

A) It shouldn't be okay for anyone to have these confidential papers after leaving office. Whether or not there should be actual legal consequences of any kind for Biden, Pence, Trump, etc. is another matter entirely. I'm torn on that one in multiple ways.

B) People who cooperate in returning them, however, aren't and shouldn't be treated the same as those who...don't. Attempting to prevent the government from investigating the presence of documents (justifiably) should, IMO, be a crime.

C) Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house. Mike Pence would do well to remember that in the future, though some Dems may need to too.
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