Classic Villianous Intentions


Orochimaru, the classic villian of sorts, wanting to obtain ultimate power and control. Making people obey him and hoping to take control of possibly every land. Let's visualize the possibilty that he does obtain everything, and he has legions of followers. What is there left for him? I never understood that mentality. I mean if you control everything, what point is there left? And also, would you really want to keep living forever in a monotonous world as such? To me this idea doesn't really pay off in the long run.

Yes this is a bit of a rant, but I kinda want to know your opinions.
I agree, there would be little for him to do and thats why stories need heroes. I know this is a terrible comparison but although they hated the rebel alliance, darth vader and the emp would be bored without them :). Maybe this is why Oro allows people to live, so they will challenge him one day (maybe not consciously), just a thought.
Maybe this is why Oro allows people to live, so they will challenge him one day (maybe not consciously), just a thought.

On the contrary, he allows people to live to use for his experiments. THey may be used as test subjects. Even if he gains everything, his personality will allow him to continue seeking for more. That is the type of character he is portrayed as. I believe he would continue to seek for more possiblities. Even though for smart villians they would stop, Orochimaru is selfish and highly ambitous thus causing for this major fault in his ideals.
That's the truth. It's just like how some villain's want to destrory the world but never consider if they destroy the world, they will be destroying themselves too. Being that's it's Orochimaru, I just think that he will push for more and more even if he could possibly want. This is pretty much why villains never completely accomplish their goals other than it's not their story.
These are some really interesting ideas... Maybe he lets people live because the world is not in black and white- people are not either completely evil or 100% good. Although, I'm sure Oro is intelligent enough to have his own plans for letting people live... What's the point of complete domination if there is no one to rule over?
I agree. I suppose he lets some people live because they don't directly threaten his ambitions.
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