Cinematography anyone?


The guy in the bush
Movies are sucking these days. You know the cinema industry is in trouble when Ewe Boll's movies are casting decent actors like Jason Statham. It has been an interest of mine to get involved in cinematogrophy myself, but where to start? Thinking about it, cinematogrophy brings up a lot of questions, and since cinematogrophy is available from college, i wonder are there any here who could answer my following questions;

How do you get a start in cinematogrophy?
How expensive is it on average to create a decent movie?
What costs more, animation and blue screen, or real scenes and props?
Where do you go to find animators, blue screen supplies, props?
Which is easier, and/or which do you prefer and why?
What kind of staff do you need to produce a movie?
What kind of payrolls are we looking at for said staff?
How do you find and sort through for good actors?
How do you decide what to pay actors for a movie thats not out yet?
Does a movie need to be shot in HD to be put on the big screen?
How much is an HD camera?
Say i shot a movie and have it ready to go to theatres and DVD, what now?
What kind of capital should i have before i start producing a movie?

I have more questions but its 2 in the morning and i need sleep :D: more tomorrow.
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