~Chillin~ NaRuto!!!1

It's a pretty good picture :amuse His expression is a bit weird, but the coloring is done well and i like the poster with Urahara XD
His mouth is a little off, but the rest of the drawing looks good. Like the casual pose and the Urahara poster - nice touch.
This is really good, and I am really impressed by the fact that it was done in paint! I love the expression on Naruto's face, lol, lovely colouring.
It came out amazing! It looks like a pic from a comic book. hehe, his expression is very naruto. He always makes these weird faces in the anime too. It looks like he's browsing his cd player but cant find a good song. Your shading give a very urban feel. a very comfortable feel.
Very cool, seeing Naruto relaxing to his music is nice. I think that his arm is quite a bit thin, but the items you have around are interesting, like the familiar silly hat. Particularly loving that Urahara poster, so adorable.
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