chapter 42 cover


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the background was crappy so i blurred it and added a texture

the whole thing looks to brown and the lighting is weird ~___~

Wow - fantastic job with the cleaning and coloring :amuse The shading looks very nice and the textures used look wonderful! Keep up the good work XD
Nice job on the cleaning, and the coloring is very sharp. I like the variety of color on the books in the background.
The dim, brown colors used for the background were an excellent choice in colors. I couldn't help but notice that the coloring is very sharp too. Good job :amuse
One of the nicest colorings currently on the front page. I love the background, it's very warm looking and it works well. Sakura looks good, and I really love how you colored an old cover. great job.

haha Sakura is the new Kira o.O
Anyway great job, it's great to see old covers being coloured ;D
Are you kidding me? the chromatic unity on this is perfect and the sof shadings on sakura are beautiful. this is well done, I would have added just a lil bit of blur or some kind of motion effect to her hair and hand, but it all depends what kind of shutter speed you wanted to mimic.

Overall well done!!!
Wow - really nice job! Love the colors and the smooth style shading.
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