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Yakushi Kabuto

Socks Activate! Shape of a
Itachi collapses! Sasuke looks shocked! And what's this?! A white snake! Fairly entertaining, I enjoyed the part of Itachi just suddenly falling over like that after coming so close to his goal. The line of blood he left down Sasuke's face was quite lovely.

I give it a 10 :3

vIt takes at least a couple seconds to add a poll. :p
Let's took 19 pages for maybe die?

I'll give it a 3/10. Another cliffhanger chapter that focused on only Sasuke. What about Hebi/Madara/Tobi/Team8/Kisame?
10/10. This chapter deserves no less. That was INTENSE. Not in terms of action but it was emotionally intense.
10/10 for one of the best deaths in the manga so far... Very artistic and beautifully done.
I'll give it a 9/10. It felt very intense, despite the fact that there was hardly any fighting. Wonderful artwork and Itachi's death was very well done. It was a great chapter, but I wish I knew what Itachi said to Sasuke.

When the spoilers came out on Monday, I was a bit disappointed to find out that Itachi just collapsed or as Doku said "looks like he's dead". As the days went by, it kinda sink in a bit. I realize that this ending might be better than to have Sasuke out right kill him. Now what is Sasuke going to do? that's what I want to know.

After reading the chapter, I have to agree with Austeria. It was INTENSE. As I turn the pages, I can actually feel the intensity in the air. The wall with the Uchiha fan was perfect, the head poke, Itachi slowly collapsing. It was so emotional. :cry


I said awhile ago that I would not care who won this battle, but as long as it was intense, it would be just fine.


Anti-Sasuke tards will be happy that their hated character has shown great fear.

Oh my fucking alksjdklsjad! Okay, so I was harsh in my voting. It was actually a good chapter, a lot of suspense, but also a lot of "what the fuck, are you kidding me?!?"

I now can't wait for next weeks. I will be in denial until then.
I really liked this Chapter. It confirms what I suspected all the time that Itachi really wasn't a bad guy.

10/10 :kthumb

Such a symbolic ending. Itachi ending up poking sasuke's head like he did when they were kids. There couldn't be such a more fitting end to a great character.
Most excellent ending, the emotions involved and the way the final battle turned out. Both gave everything they had and tragicly both sacrificed everything that was once dear held to them.
Il agree to it being an emotional ending. BUT i cannot make myself rate this higher then 7, because i really want this fight to end. I can imagine surly more people has thought like me the last 3 chapters"the fight must be over next chapter, now we can finally see what the konoha nin's and tobidara has been up to!" well ye i still believe that.. tho my other more negative prediciton would be that we stay with sasuke and itcahi.

and that the white snake meant something.. like oro not really being sucked into the eternal genjutsu of susanoo. or zetsu comes down from his hiding spot and wtf pwnz sasuke in the face!(not likly tho)

or madara comes and says something important to sasuke about uchiha involving ems and other super uber jutsu's..

alot of choices.. im sorry this kinded rolled over to a prediction. i just got carried away.. I vote 7! (its the cool number)
I gave it a 9 for the sake of rating this chapter. The moments between brothers were carefully and nicely handled. The tradeoff is it's a bit too slow in my book. :p To give this chapter a score is an understatement though. This chapter brings the excitement back again. :D

This was a very intense chapter. I really loved it. Looks like Itachi is down now(and the outcome doesn't look good). I can't believe Itachi will poke Sasuke in the head like he did back in the day. That was wow. They fought a wonderful battle. Now I can't wait til next week to see how Sasuke feels about it. :)
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