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Aizen reasons that Ichigo and co can't go back to the human world. He also says Orihime has no use so they will go destroy karakura town.

It ends showing every Captain of the Gotei 13.

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Got bored so I tled the spoiler text under the pics above

Bare Spoiler

Aizen reasons that Ichigo and co cannot return back to the real world

He also through with using Orihime (who is called tits in this spoiler)

Now then, lets go erase Karakuri Town

"It's our turn now!!" (Note: this is note a real line)

It ends with the appearance of all the Gotei 13's Captains


I forgot this:

The lines from the last double page spread is

"Permission is granted to all 13 captains of the Gotei 13 Squads to go to war"
Spacecat @ BA

Some more details/script:

藍染「井上織姫は第五の塔に置いておく 助けたければ奪い返しに来るが良い」



Aizen: I will put Inoue Orihime in the 5th tower, if you would like to struggle by coming to save her then that is fine.

By the way

Kenpachi said at the time the old man decided the fight would be in winter he had asked Urahara Kisuke for a few favors.

The first was to allow captain level shinigami to get in to Hueco Mundo.
The second was to allow it so that all the captain level shinigami could go to Karakura.
Annie (BA):

Bleach 314- Night Side of Abduction

Continues from the last chapter, Aizen ordered Tousen to use TenTaikura (that kidou to connect to everyone) to all the intruders.

“Can you all hear me? I shall compliment you to fight the espadas and come this far. But now I’m opening a gate to human world.”

“Inoue Orihime is now at the 5thTower. You can come and save her. She’s no longer useful.” All the intruders are shocked at Aizen’s last word.

“Her power is amazing, ‘rejecting an event’ is a power beyond human’s ability. Soul Society must be aware of this power. So, they thought if she was kidnapped, it would be very dangerous to Soul Society. So they must put more security in Soul Society, not to a human world.

Ichigo immediately thought of Yamamoto’s command for Hitsugaya’s force to leave to Soul Soceity.

“She is a ‘good prey’ to lure a ryoka who is now a ‘shinigami representative ‘and will be a force to Soul Society to come to Hueco Mundo. Then a plan to lock 4 captains who are here for that boy will complete.” Says Aizen.
Then the gates right in front of four captains are closed which worried the rescue team but the captains are still acting cool.

Ishida is so worried. He asks Mayuri if there a way to open a gate or not but Mayuri told him no. He said only Urahara Kisuke knows how to open. Now they cannot contact him so the gates cannot be open.

Aizen still talking about his plan, “The great part about Gotai 13 is how each captain is capable to be a main force. However, they’ve lost three and now four are locked here. So half of the Soul Society main force is gone. It is easy for us to destroy Karakura town, create a king’s key then invade Soul Society.”

“When this is over, we will fight you.”

Ichigo is so worried so he dashes out but Kenpachi stops him. He asks what can Ichigo do but Ichigo hits back that should he just watch his town getting destroy.

“I already told you that the fight is in this winter? And I already told you that old man ordered Uarahara a few things.” Says Kenpachi.

Ichigo has cool down and now is listening to Kenpachi.

“First order is to bring Captain level shinigamis to HM. And the second order is…”

“To allow all captain shinigamis to enter Karakura for battle!!!!”
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