Chap. 393 Page 14+15


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Hello everyone! My first post here, and my first pic ^^
Thats my first Manga-coloration and my third? coloration I made on PC (Photoshop). I know there are a tons of mistakes, but ok... I am not very experienced in it ^^ But it was a lot of fun to colorate ist. I don't have a graphical tablet... hope it goes better, if I have one... I know the shades are bad :(

Gimme tips, if you have :p

here the link
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woah, nice!! my only critique would be that it seems a little light.

but other than that, not a bad first coloring:amuse
Very good job for a first try :zaru The shading and shadows look really nice and the color choices look alright :amuse Keep it up!
Nice job, Sasuke's navy blue hair looks good and so those the sparkling transparent appearance of Susano.
Perhaps it's a bit too bright or Itachi and Sasuke are too pale, but I still like how it looks. Good use of shading!
Their skin color seems a bit too pale, but other than that nice coloring. Love the sheer Susano'o coloring
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