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Manga Chainsaw Man


The Legendary Samurai
Is this a pv specially made to promote the anime or actual cuts from the anime. Because this reminds me of the shingeki no kyojin pv.
Holy shit I expected an anime not a movie quality anime :U

Of course I hope its not just them giving the trailer steroids

Shit looks sooo goood :blessed

Why is Power's hair not pink though..not that I mind but :catthinks


Well-Known Member
So hyped for the release of this anime. The trailer gave me chills. Music and animation all look perfect.


"Look Back" original oneshot:

Wouldn't be Fujimoto without the emotional kick to the bollocks, and it's my own damn fault for getting baited into thinking this was going to be some wholesome tale of two kids triumphing over adversity to achieve their dream.


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Well, that was sad. The story begins with inspirational and motivational messages and spirals down to reality. Seems to be an insight into the author's mind as well.

This is what many authors say: without the fans, they wouldn't have found the strength to keep going.

luffy no haki

World Enemy - The Gluttony

Kinda shit the way things happened there, just takes one delusional mofo to shit on something that coulda gone well.


Kinda shit the way things happened there, just takes one delusional mofo to shit on something that coulda gone well.

I mean it's pretty overtly a reference to the KyoAni arson attack, Kyomoto uses the same kanji in her name, the dude who attacks her the second time around shouts about plagiarism (the arsonist's alleged motive) and today is literally the second anniversary of the attack. Dunno whether Fujimoto knew people who were hurt/died or he was just a KyoAni fan but yeah, seems to have majorly influenced it.


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"Become Fire Punch"

That line is the most powerful in Fujimoto's works to me so far. I actually wrote a review on FP when I finished reading it
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