=CH.392= An extremely boring coloring


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I have not colored anything for weeks, and I'm a little out of practice. So yesterday I decided to quickly color this very simple panel of Sasuke to help myself "relearn". It's a little bit hastily done and therefore a tad crappy, but it was done in an hour.
Also, the hair is a bit too black and the water on his cheek looks bad XD

I'm hoping to get back into regularly coloring again.
Hope you like it anyway.
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i like it, i like how u did the hair with that wave of white glare, background is good but could use something, i just dont know what :sag
Thanks. The background is a bit boring, I took out the speech bubble and come details of the original to make it faster to color.
It looks good, but i can see why it was such a bore to color :zaru Highlights look nice, and the color choices are good. Keep it up!
A bit plain, but I like the smudges and shading on Sasuke's face, and the scrapes on the wall are a nice touch.
Thanks a lot everyone. Yeah, it's definitely boring, I could've done more to it but alas, I don't really care about such a dull and small panel.
Looks pretty good - nice highlighting of his hair and eyes.
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