Cell Juniors vs Kid Buu

I'd say Kid Buu simply because you can at least knock the Cell Jnr's around and hurt the lil buggers, but when you hit or blast Kid Buu he just regens and laughs at you.
um depends on how strong you are. if youre human strength the difference in power between cell juniors and kid buu wont really matter to you. either way they completely outclass you, and either way you couldnt do shit to them.
Having to deal with the 7 at once would be harder.
Kidd Buu is worse, Gohan as a Ssj2 was able to bitch slap the Cell jrs, a Ssj3 Goku only matched Kidd Buu, Vegeta got trounced.
cell juniors are so annoying but if you know, theres a CHANCE you could get rid of them if you are strong, but kid buus regen would just make you want to commit suicide.
But the Cell Juniors mock you

But do they regenerate with their heads on their asses just for shits and giggles? Or do they casually stand there doing a tarzan impression whilst you pound them?
Actually if you think about it Cell and Kid Buu could regenerate and if these were from Cell then you'd think that the Cell Jrns. could as well just goes to show how the show can still be wrong.
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