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Can we create configurations for work-only and regular forum layout?


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I check forums from time-to-time at work, especially on Fridays with juicy OP spoilers coming in.

Some avatar choices—which I respect and endorse even, are not suitable for Work environment. Can we create configuration/mode which can be tailored to personal tastes such that we can disable avatar/even some portions of the forum? Then, we save these configurations so that they can be switched by going into the preferences or a button similar to "Switch mode" button for the dark/light mode.
there used to be a work skin, if i recall correctly.
didn't load images, vids and simplified the site by a lot by getting rid of the fruity colours.
was just white if i recall, but oh well. it's buried in some upgrade of the past.

I just use ad blocker to block all avy that I don't want to see.

or just change job and find something that allows to you 'work from home' more often.
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