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Can they find the FACT ?

So this is another Robert thread. The previous thread was about guessing and confidently believing what the ''N''
Now I will present you a story that I was fantasizing in summer during my intense meditation. At that time I had hard time guessing or arriving in any conclusion
about what the N stands for but I was meditating about this story for days.

And coincidentally 2 people in the previous thread made 2 guesses that relate to this. So it ringed a bell immediately once I read their responses.

So here it is.....


Base Yhwach
Referee: Base Jugram

Guard: Base Lille Barro

Player 1: Base Nnoitra
Player 2: Brujeria Zommari
Player 3: Base Szayel
Player 4: Kirge Opie
Player 5: Robert Accutrone
Player 6: Akon
Player 7: BOS Kenpachi Zaraki
Player 8: Segunda Etapa Ulquiorra

Coach: Yachiru Kusajishi

Movie: Can they find the FACT ?

Creator: Xelioszzapporro
Unit Production Manager: Xelioszzapporro
Budget: 0 $
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