Can Sasori win against.... ?

Well, Sasori was supposed to meet his spy, Kabuto whom in the end betrayed him and join hands with Orochimaru. Kakuto said that he had already chosen to be with Orochimaru's side.

So the question is.. if Sasori was not killed by Chiyo & Sakura and he's going to meet his spy, Kabuto, will he able to survive the fight against Kabuto and Orochimaru?
If Deidara was with him, I'm pretty
sure they would get out alive. But
if Sasori was alone, he surely would've
Sasori would have rape stomped Kabuto immediately. Oro vs him would have been a good fight, so I can't say for sure.
They had meet previously and it is possible that Kabuto knew a few of his abilities, but probably not a full extent of his techniques. Either way, Sasori's depise was due to his background as well as his opponents' relations to himself. Though I would suppose that Kabuto would still lose. Perhaps this sort of battle would do better in the manga battledome?
man that was would be a crazy fight. sasori is horribly underrated by people. "man sasori suks he got PWNED by Suckra and chiya pet"

well unfortunately for him, he faced possible worst type of opppents for his fighting methods. he faced someone who had vast knowledge of puppets, and someone who had the skill to brake those. and it just happens to be that sakura had the exact type of antitode that would counter the potion.

and i think oro's allmost immortal fighting stlye (constantly coming out the mouths of things. its really creepy) is practically unbeatable. i cant think of alot of moves that could stop him, and most of those are super rare jutsus (Shiki Fūjin, compressed chakra, ULTIMATE RASEGAN, futton rasegan, kirin, etc)

this fight would be one of the best. and both of these guys would have to go all out to finish the other off. but im thinking that ..... well..... idk .... god dammit....its to hard.... i cant decide....... but i think that ..... oro/kabuto would eventually win
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