Can Naruto make HOKAGE without a Time Skip???

can he become hokage without time skip?

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Alot of people have said that there wont be another time skip......i disagree

naruto has always banged on about becoming Hokage, its his one true goal...

so it is enevitable that he will most likely be pronounced Hokage after a huge vitory to defend the entire narutovers form some evil...*cue every one cheering and crying*
......(alot of people think he will be pronounced hokage after his death, but i just dont see that happening, lets be honest)

ok Jiraiya has stated that Kakashi will be next in line....then possibley naruto but hes a long way off....

so surly there is ample room for another time skip till naruto finally becoming hokage.....he is still far too young and no where near as pollished as he needs to be to become hokage.

i think there is a massive need for naruto to do some more travelling/learning ect. in the form of maybe not a full on time skip, but certainaly a very sped upfew years experience. and i dont believe naruto can become hokage with out another one.

I wish for another Timeskip!! However I very much doubt that one will come...
..the nearest thing to a timeskip(for naruto)would be the key training. whatever the hell that really is! hopefully it would last for maybe 3 months/just enough time for naruto to improve and mature!
I think he may need another time-skip, but he is pretty strong...hmmm...I guess it is really either or. I guess I think both XD
I wouldn't be surprise if he becomes hokage at the tender age of 16. Obviously he will surpass his father at that age and Kishi stated he will grow up so yeah I can see Naruto as hokage before any epilogue timeskip.
Naruto needs either a timeskip or a drastic change in attitude. The way he acts now, regardless of how strong he is he's in no shape to lead an entire village.
Yes. There's still a ways to go in Part 2. He will develop even further before the series ends.
Kishimoto is making an effort to show his growth. in my opinion he'll show it all the way till he's hokage.

Naruto needs to grow up? So does Sakura? This is the next step you see..
There has to be an other time-skip. Naruto as he is now is still far too hard-headed and would get the entire Hidden-Leaf village killed.
I suppose they could do something with the 'mass clone training' again, I guess, but currently only if the Hokage's job is restricted to fighting and being inspirational.

I can't see Naruto managing all that paperwork.
At this time in the manga. I can only see Naruto being ANBU or equiv....he's more of a field agent ATM.
It will take at least a timeskip before Naruto becomes Hokage. At best, we'll see him become Jounin.
i don't even think he'll become Hokage I mean it's something totally different from Resembling Minato. Shodai, Nidaime, Sandaime, Yondaime, Gondaime, Naruto...

he's too young. Minato was young too, (not that young) but he was the most talented of his generation on from the beginning.
Another timeskip would require a huge amount of work for Kishimoto to redesign all his characters. Do we want more boring chapters because Kishimoto has to spend more time on redesigns? No thank you!

That Kakashi line is a distraction. Kishimoto is tricking us. Naruto will be the next good Hokage. It's a secret way of saying Naruto could become Hokage. WTF They said Naruto could be Hokage! Wow. That's a big thing to say. Kishimoto HAD to soften it by putting Kakashi's name in there.

Naruto needs to grow up. That's why Jiraiya was killed off. That's why he's going to give up his childish crush on Sakura and move into a mature relationship with Hinata. Tsunade might die! Another emotional blow to Naruto. He's going to be forced to grow up quickly, because everything he cares about depends on him protecting the people he loves.

Naruto will save Sasuke from the darkness and destroy Akatsuki. He'll struggle against Danzou and Ne. Then he will become Hokage. And he'll be married to Hinata.
Whatever Kishimoto wants.

If Kishimoto wants to, even Konohamaru can become a Hokage without a timeskip.

............yay!!!...come on Kishi........kakashi,Naruto,Konohamaru in a huge deadlock battle for the title of hokage!!.......konohamaru for the win!..
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