Can Fire Burn Magma?

The hottest flame ever produced was at 4,990° Celsius. The hottest magma is 1,170° Celsius. Assuming both have complete mastery of DF and with the same CoA level.

Title :maybe

akainu claimed his fruit is flat out stronger and can burn the mera mera

the sbs backs up his claim

real life rules and logic =/= op rules and logic

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Physically speaking, magma is molten rock, and rock isn't normally flammable.

You could melt rock, but magma is already that. You could maybe heat it even further to turn it into gas or plasma, but that might take insane temperatures which I'm not sure the Mera Mera can reach.

I believe the reason magma beats fire in OP isn't just the temperature, it's that magma doesn't get burned, and covering fire with it prevents the fire from getting fed with oxygen, so in the end the only fire you have is the one coming from the magma itself.
Yes. Potentially.

No matter RL physics, Oda does whatever he wants to. Oden's oil boiled up to I don't remember, but like 1000°c or something like that.


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^ basically what the above said.

Oda will probably just retcon it if/when he wants Sabo to burn his ass :puke

it will basically be catharsis for the moment that’s been built up since Ace died.

Ironically, it will come at the cost of making Ace look even more like an amateur.

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So some dude comes and tell you that he has a bigger dick than you and you just believe him?

I might be sceptical if it was all talk. But Akainu whipped out has 13" cock and rammed a hole through Ace. After that, I'd be inclined to believe him!


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It's just a zinger. Akainu is magma and Ace is fire. Akainu burns Ace. Magma burns fire.

Just like when Kizaru says "have you ever been kicked at the speed of light", he's not actually kicking people at the speed of light. He just happens to be light.


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I always saw it more like magma smothering the fire, rather than just a match of temperature. Otherwise, even Oven should be > Ace.


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A Lightning bolt in real life can have 1 billion bolts, while Enel's ultimate attack has 200 million.
Black holes suck in solar systems, while BB's sucks in a town.

Oda could pull an awakening form out I guess. Until than Magu-Magu>Mera-Mera.


Nothing can burn fire so Oda asspulled that magma fist kill on Ace. Got rid of him because he was more popular than Loofy
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