C1-C2-C3-C4 HELP?

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Basically they are just stronger bombs for the most part

C1 is the usual stuff he uses, mainly small animal/insect type bombs
C2 was that dragon thing, dont really remember too much about it
C3 is the super nuke that could do a lot of damage to a village, the one he tricked Gaara with. Basically just one big ass nuke
Well, I already answered this question that you posted (or was moved) to the Quick Question Quick Answer Thread - here.
C1= Normal Bomb, size of a grenade, ex: small spiders, and little birds.

C2= Giant Dragon, that shoots a bunch of small bombs,

C3= A Giant Owl Bird Thingy, strong enough to blow up a Village.

C4= The Giant Deidara that sends out fumes, that if you come in contact with, you blow up from the inside out.
C1-Regular bombs, birds, spiders etc

C2-Giant dragon+mines under ground

C3-One massive bomb strong enough to destroy a village

C4-Microscopic cloud of bombs to destroy all living things on a cellular level.
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