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Can I request one month of sparkles as my OL prize pls.
U can request / “buy” sparkles here with CC points as it’s pointed out in the OP of this thread. In the master list here

we don’t have points from OL, if u have points in the OL list due to predictions game we need to check with a section mod but checking in the OP Telegrams Prediction i also didn’t see your name in the points list.

If it’s a prize / sparkles you won in an OL event then a section mod is going to take the request to the prizes staff.
Item: Butterfly Sparkles
Duration: 3 Months

For UN color is it one color or can i do a color gradient rainbow theme?

I'm not sure if points have been fully updated for me masterlist I have 1 1+4 from previous and then on Mafia section I have 10 showing with an additional 4 participation and 2 MVPs
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