Bunch of Naruto art

You're a great great great artist. The coloring is awesome, I especially love the Gai picture.

Would you mind if I used it for stock in a sig?
OMG.....those are really good drawings,it's lovely!! :wtf
Kankurou looks awesome and nice coloring ^^
Garaa and Naruto with their Bijuu's are pure awesome-ness,I love it :faint
Gai sure looks funny and very nice art ^^
Keep up the good work :thumbs *rep*
Very good drawing AND coloring! amazing ^^
i wish i could color like u T.T sniff...

again, very nice art work ^^
awesome job you have done. i love them. ecpecially naruto-kyubii and gaara-shukaku just rocks. keep it up. +reps.
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