Britney Spears, Break The Ice, New Anime music Video.


Deux Ex Machina Lolz


Opinions please
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Oh .
Edit: I actually kinda like this. It's better than Avril Lavigne's trying to make a manga, anyways.
Ohhhh I have a lot to say about this...
I think it's an absolute disgrace, for any type of animation to be associated with Britney Spears. She is making animation look bad!! I'm absolutely disgusted.
I'm sooo pissed off about this. :mad :yell :cussing

<Wow that was strong...> hahaha
LOL looks kinda cool to me

and the song is catchy enough

Shame that they probably did this because its easier to hire animators than rely on her to be camera-ready for a video shoot :zaru
This is the only way she can still look hot.
Through animation....thats sad more children for you.
It's news because Anime is a specialist interest which makes us feel special, for a bimbo like britney to plagerise our territory is an absolute diabolic. >_<.

What makes me laugh even more is this.

Spears collaborated with Hills, Araica, Hilson and Washington for "Break the Ice", who were behind her comeback single "Gimme More" (2007). The production team worked on the track when Spears was pregnant to her second child.[1] They arranged the vocals in Spears' house at Beverly Hills, California, three weeks before she gave birth,[1] and was recorded at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was mixed by Araica in Chalice Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

She whispers "It's been a while. I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting. But I'm here now," which serves as an apology for being gone so long in the music industry, as well as away from her love interest in the song.
"It's been a while"? Good riddance stay away I don't want you back.

So there she only does the singing, and the lyrics and NOTHING ELSE. The studio even came to her house.

She had no participation to the production of Break the Ice, or had anything to do with the making of the video. She just sits in her bedroom writing about her depressing life story about Kevin Federiline, talented artists and producers turn it around to a best selling record, and 2 million idiots actually buy it. That's the same sales of 50 cents's debut album, Jessica Simpson's and the quarter of what Michael Jackson's thriller made. Why don't I just write a few lyrics of how much I hate Sasuke? and with contact of a big record company, amateur director and Korean animation company and bringing a sound recorder and microphones to my house I can become a millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't disrespect the ones who were britney fans Pre vegas marriage, but now after all that mess people still think she's actually got talent? The people who work for Zomba Records only gave her a signing because of her glorious past picks up her slack and they know there are bigger idiots out there, 2 million of them to be precise, who bought the new album and make Sasuke Tards look like Dalai Lama. At least Sasuke didn't go to rehab and is actually gifted at something.
From an animation pov, it's a pretty good animation. But isn't just me or does she look evil in the amv (O.o). It's almost like she's the villain. And I thought she was going to save her clones or reunited with them, but she actually destroys them instead.

And, here I thought the amv was trying to convey a message of some sorts (despite the lyrics' inner contents) like the "BS" from the past is reuniting with this current "L-BS". A rise of glory or something of the likes message to everyone, that she's returning to the world of "entertainment" once again.

Ah~guess I was wrong. (=____=) She did destroy her glory the clones even in the amv. Ah, well, it's not like I care what she does anyway.

But, I like the animation (studio that produce the animation get a kudos). Catchy song. Don't really like the lyrics (why always sexual?). That's all I have to say on the vid.

*moving onto other interesting thingsyaoi*
Nah. I ain't gonna see it.

But if anime saves Britney's career and life, so be it. (That, or if she messes this up, I'll hunt her down with a crossbow.)
Okay, I like the song. Not that I could have understand the lyrics 'cause the video has kind of a bad quality, but it didn't sound too bad.
Although I find, that the video wasn't too great. It didn't match the song's beat and it probably didn't match the song's lyrics either.
But what can you expect from Hollywood's most broken popstar?
(But I feel like she'll make it!)
Absurd!The song itself is a disgrace and then you butter it up with fucking Animation that doesn't even match the Music?They've gone too far on this one. :yell :yell
The video is good, song is catchy, but is the blonde girl supposed to be Britney? :neutral
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Stop fucking making fun of Britney. Honestly, this trend has gone too far. I fucking hate Britney Spears, but give the girl a break! Everyone makes mistakes.
first kanye west now britney... they're all jumping on the bandwagon
At least Kanye West's wasn't animated, that daft punk mix of stronger was a joke though. Britney has 1million budget for her videos, got knows how many shippuden episodes that would pay for. A 3 minute video is easily affordable. I still see linkin park as the best anime video.

The video is good that's was pissses me off, it's not he video I hate, it's the fact that britney has moved into the anime territory our territory. It was our home to escape the mainstream, now the rich divas are infiltrating that too, we're gonna be left with nothing.
*having a laughing fit*

Lol,what's up with that video!!When did Britney like anime,I don't think she does..much....That reminds me of some anime....Probably some generic anime...Avril made a man-..Oh,yea...That cartoon one *that wasn't even a song!What did that video have to do with avril,it only had a picture of her at the end!*
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