Chapter Boruto Manga Chapter 65 (Release:December 20 10am EST / 3pm UTC - Official Link in OP)

Is Kawaki's karma coming back due to...

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Kashin Koji

Do you think kawaki will be able to stand up to boruto in this new form if code can trump even this than white karma is op

I think Kawaki in his current form will be the only one who will be able to stand up to Momo - to a greater or lesser extent.

As for Code, i think he has an advantage after all - Momo said that he can help him temporarily - so far i think this - either Sasuke will show up or someone will suffer (maybe even die).


Kashin Koji

One thing that makes me very curious - does the fact that Kawaki has Ishiki's eye mean that Ishiki is aware of what is happening now (like Momo) ???

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