Bleach vs. Naruto

Is Bleach better or getting better than Naruto?

  • Naruto is still the best!!

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  • Bleach is not far behind, but also not quite there yet

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  • Bleach is starting to overtake Naruto

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  • Bleach ownz Naruto!!

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yeeeah... that'll happen
I started watching anime because of Naruto. I got hooked watching it on Cartoon Network and then started watching the subbed versions (b.c lets face it the english translation versions blow hardcore). After I had caught up to where the Naruto anime was, one of my friends said I should give Bleach a try and I have been hooked ever since.

For the most part I have liked them both equally, but as of late it seems that I have started to get alittle bored with Naruto. I have started enjoying/looking forward to Bleach alot more lately. Wondering if that is just me, or are others starting to feel the same way?
No...its the opposite..i got into bleach years ago, but the hax plotkai(and lack of plot)pushed me off of it for quite a while. The new plot really came too fast for my liking

Whereas regardless of the sasuke focus, i'm much more intrested in naruto..
Considering that Orochimaru, Deidara and Itachi died like bitches in front of Sasuke's plot, I'd say that you need to be quite retarded to enjoy that manga. Become a sandmastah just like Cody Porter.

Bleach might not be the most interesting and unpredictable manga around, however it's light years in front of Naruto when it comes to being enjoyable, plus among the shohen trinity it's certainly has the best art.
It's hard to say. I've actually stopped watching both animes, but I suppose I enjoyed Naruto immensely up until the timeskip, and then things started going downhill because Kishimoto seems to be a fucking sell out. Honestly, I could have taken shit from the timeskip on and made it fucking awesomeness incarnate.

Bleach, however, has some slow moments. Soul Society was fucking awesome because all the new characters introduced. Then that ended. As far as the anime goes, the Bleach fillers sucked, but not near as bad as the Naruto ones did. And Bleach has a rehashed plot, but at least what's his face that writes it hasn't fucked up things just yet.

Seriously, what was cooler than Ikkaku bankai?
I think they're kinda different. Naruto started off sorta light-hearted, but pretty much got darker as time went on, which I prefer since the humor in Naruto is often "hit or miss". I do like that I'm actually worried about characters dying (unlike Bleach, where all the good guys pretty much survive), and the fights are always unique.

Bleach is more of a "fun" series. I don't mean that in a bad way, as the fights are cool, the characters are varied and well developed, and the humor is always excellent. And yeah, there are some dark episodes, though they've never felt as emotional to me compared to certain Naruto episodes. I like Bleach a lot, but I don't forsee it overtaking Naruto or even One Piece in terms of my favorites just yet.
Naruto anime is slow paced and rather boring. I watch it out of interest to see how they adapt from the manga. I really like the Naruto manga, although the current event is taking too long.

I'm loving Bleach atm though, so currently I do prefer it.
Naruto >>> Bleach.
Although i've stopped watching both animes since they've been fuckin filler infested to the core.
Bleach has blood, guts, eye patch, giant boobs, blood, swords, yuri scenes, blood, Beastly fights, blood, machismo, blood, rage, fury, passion, blood, brute force, demonic possession, blood, bruises, broken bones, explosions and did I mention blood.

Bleach has a more primal taste, which I find more appealing.
Not really. Anime wise, I'm probably into Bleach more than Naruto because the pace in Naruto seems to be a bit slow. But manga wise both series are doing pretty well IMO.
both are good, i would say that soul society arc was one of the best piece of anime created. bleach fillers are much better than naruto fillers though still kinda shit. i would say both are currently on the same level though
I am thinking more on manga terms, but a little about the anime as well. I'm still excited about whats gonna happen in the next chapter of Bleach, but with Naruto I'm starting to wonder if this fight is never gonna end. The progression of the Sasuke fight is so effing slow that I have started to lose interest in it.
For manga the last 2 chapters > Naruto bye far i think.

Wont comment on the rest of HM as i will get flamed for saying my honest opinion with the amount of hate for it.
Was interested in Naruto from the start and then started to watch Bleach all the time... until i had to wait 1 week for a new episode :D:
I really can't stand the anime of either anymore. Pre-timeskip I would of said Naruto, but to me he just really really dropped the ball there. The timeskip could've been the most amazing event. In five minutes I could think up hundreds of ideas that would of made people shit their pants, and yet none of it happened. Instead we get... well... not...

Bleach has been disappointing sense Soul Society, with no where near the level of sophistication or intricacies among the characters. Though, its still very readily possible for it to redeem itself.
Right now I am very interested in Naruto, because I started from Season 1, but I also have been watching Bleach, too. They are both really good shows to watch.
my love for naruto manga went long time away when the show was about the character it was named after, but the latest chapter just took the fucking piss :facepalm

need i say more about the fail of anime it is. shippuden is by far the shittest anime i have watched in my whole entire life
'Bleach' is for the lulz. And with the Plot coming back, it's even better. I lost a lot of respect for 'Naruto' since Part 2, which is a shame, but hey, what can I do? Not my fault, Kishi is screwing it up :zaru

As for the anime, I haven't watched Naruto since ep 30-something, but I def. try keeping up with Bleach :del
God, both have been below mediocre for me though recent Naruto developments were entertaining.

I have to say Naruto.
This better not turn into a flamefest like the OP vs Naruto threads.

First let me clarify, that I don't hate bleach. I like it very much, but I'm going to have to say naruto all in all.

Bleach has too many plot holes, in fact too many to list all down. So I'll just talk about the latest few chapters. What the hell. Zaraki had THE most lamest power up. Use two hands and I magically get like wtf 50 x stronger and 1 hit KOplz, yet he lost to an ichigo without bankai. ... And another thing is. Isn't soul society supposed to be where you go when you die? Yet you can still die in soul society. The bleach life cycles are one of the saddest clarifications. But anyway getting to the point, the Save Rukia arc made bleach shoot to the top with all the mysteries of the captains and gotei 13, and conspiracy between Aizen, but afterwards it just kept dropping down and down. Now the bleach plot is a giant mess, and seems the author is just wanting to draw action, without plot. Frankly I think anyone can pull an Akira Toriyama outa their asses, but that isn't really impressive. Right now bleach has REALLY become like a Dragon Ball Z with swords(Reiatsu? Oh please justs seems like a lame excuse to add an aura aound in the anime and power levels with a twist.), however with the latest chapter it could prove me wrong. Bleach does seem more appealing, because it seems like it's going to end soon, unlike most of the other longass shounens.:laugh (If there is a villain after aizen, then bleach will be worse than digimon lol) Quite frankly bleach has also no ulterior motive.:notrust Ichigo seems like Goku/Supreman/Power Ranger mix, with the orange and flying skills not knowing wtf to do besides save people and protect others. And they have their own super duper database that can magically detect villains. :O! Perfect for a longass thing like superman/db/power rangers, but with bleach, ichigo can do with some more character.

Naruto, as annoying as it is with all the SASUKE I <3 U I NEDZ 2 SAVE U cry cry and GAYSEXNOJUTSU the plot at least doesn't make you confused about anything. Everything revealed has been clarified completely so the reader can understand everything that is happening. Yeah the latest 10 chapters seemed like bullshit with the HA SUPRISE! NO I SUPRISE BUTTSECKS! NO I SUPRISE AGEN! FINAL ONE! OMG JK LULUL I HAVE ANOTHER 1!:nuts, but sasuke vs itachi was bound to happen eventually. Although Kishimoto could have skipped like 5 chapters of the fight. Now after the sasuke fight is done, you'll be thinking of what's next. Naruto has two main motives. 1) To become Hokage, 2) The akatsuki and sasuke issue blah.

Now lets get down to the art. Naruto art, everyone has the same nose and eyes and face. Bleach has long face byakuya, but the excellent anatomy and yoruichi makes up for it.:chinpo Bleach wins when it comes to art, but i'd say plot is more valued in storys. ... Unless you are some nutty yaoi fangirl that watches it to fantasize about ok I'm not going to go there.

The anime. I haven't kept up with the bleach episodes since 120. And I only watched 3 episodes of shippuden. But what I've heard was that shippuden anime sucks shit. I can't judge, but I did watch the part 1 naruto and first 120 eps of bleach, and I'll have to say they're pretty much equal. Although I prefer naruto since when I think naruto I think many colors (i.e yellow, orange, red, green, blue, pink etc) but when its bleach I think (black, orange, black, blue, and black :eek:o)

But seriously both can still use a little work. I'm just glad the BS fight with zaraki and sasuke ended. Hopefully both will improve after this. holy fuck I typed so much. I better go get a life.

Edit: + respects to everyone in bleach avenue. No pointless bickering and flame debate. ^^
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Bleach anime is better than Shippuden Naruto, but that isn't hard.

Naruto manga is better than Bleach, IMO.
I don't watch the anime. In manga, Bleach has been boring the shit out of me for the one last year, and Naruto was always better than it, even in it's downhills (and it had a lot of these). There was a short period where I enjoyed Bleach more, but considering everything, Naruto is more exciting for me now.
Though this could change easily. If Kubo draws even one single panel with Kurosaki Karin, I'll worship him. If he makes her have a significant role, I'll take back what I said before and swear that Bleach is the best manga out there. :wtf
Right now it's Bleach for me. I liked pre-time skip Naruto more, but Shippuden has been slow. And you could even make the argument that it's almost become Sasuke's manga with him getting more fights than Naruto. I for one wasn't always interested in Sasuke. There are something things about him that are intriuging about him, but I just have a hard time really getting into his character. Anyway the anime is just so damn slow. Bleach on the ohter hand has been well paced. I haven't read much of Naruto manga, but I always make sure to keep an eye out for the latest developments. Bleach, sure there's almost no plot most of the time, but enjoy the fights and character development.
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