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Bleach TYBW Anime Episode 7 Discussion

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Marine Hunter
Names and divisions of OG captains revealed
[YOUTUBE]2nd division Shihoin Chika 3:35
3rd division Izuhara Kinroku 4:29
4th division Shijima Chikiri 5:16
5th division Obana Danjiro 6:09
6th division Saitou Furoufushi 8:43
Wow didn't expect this so soon

Captain Quincy

Death Blade
Chika is a Shihouin and Furoufushi and Nobutsuna are the only ones with sentences as names and they're both front and center on the poster. All my faves are gonna be eating good in importance :lbj


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10th division Outokawa Furuoki 16:39
12th division Zenjou Jiuhin 20:38
13th division Sakahone Saizou 21:36

There is only one noble captain in the bunch. I didn't think a group of savage killers would consist of half nobility, though I was betting on one being a Shiba. The name of 6th division captain may allude to her being immortal or at least alive. Probably got sent to the Muken.


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Is anyone going to talk about how the Blut keyword card is saying that blut is equal to a Bankai in terms of being a power up?


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Always nice to see ichigo. Especially when he fights. There was more shown to his blut vene too. And the way he powered up was god like. Ichigo made everyone feel him. Can't wait to see him fight the femritters. Also I hope the anime doesn't follow the same path as the manga with askin. And I also hope when ichigo fights yhwach he doesn't do the whole I give up thing. Actually I think he says it's over. I also don't think ichigo expected hashwalth to attack him. He definitely wasn't ready for him. Ichigo being in the condition he was in while having zangetsu be in the condition it was in were both caught off guard by hashwalth.
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This text is part of Aizen's plan
He is not that legit... He was wrong about everything regarding the anime,

But this is apparently coming from JUMP magazine, someone must have gotten the magazine early.
I see...
If true, it's a shame I didn't get to make the Hanekawa joke for the beauty in glasses for that long.

Heaven or Hell

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Unless I'm misremembering, Yhwach INTENDED on invading Soul Society but the OG Gotei got the jump on and ambushed him and the Wandenreich in the Living World, and only in the aftermath did they sneak into Soul Society and establish Silbern while Soul Society was relatively unguarded (due to the Gotei still cleaning up in the Living World).

Which contradicts this episode (and the previous one) where it looks like the Wandenreich successfully invaded Soul Society and THEN got demolished by the OG Gotei.

Unless Yhwach's invasion was a diversion so the rest of the Wandenreich (like Haschwalth and Bazz-B) snuck in and set up the Silbern base. But I find that unlikely.


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Just remembered that Ichigo instant blasted Domino on sight. That was too funny. :lmao

Eyo, what the FUCK Chojiro?!

Holy shiiiiiit, that dude was a savage sonuvabitch. :GeezusPepe
What even happened in that scene? Was he playing dead?
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Also, looks like the skies cleared in Soul Society after the rain.
Well they arrive like a whole ass day later, good thing they cut the Yhwach line about them coming lmao.

But at the same it's weird because this is after Ichigo goes to Mayuri and it was still raining.
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