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Bleach TYBW Anime Episode 7 Discussion

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According to this one data mining site Bleach managed to get #1 spot on Hulu last Sunday for the first time. 🌚 Too bad these streaming services hide their views so we have to use these random algorithms.



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Leaks for Mayuri and Nemu vs Pernida fight are out. Can anyone confirm if these are real or not? :blobglare:blobshrug


Also Kubo dropped Royd. I guess the shadings sort of give him a purple skin tone:



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OG 13 got some scenes. Yamamoto flashback was expanded.
No pacing issues whatsoever.
Ichigo and Yhwach got an extended sakuga.
The atmosphere was very good.
The ending visuals change, and imply the song's about Yamamoto imo.

Overall, this flowed even better than episode 6. If not for the actual content of Bankai Yama being one of the top moments in the arc, episode 7 would outright be the best so far. 10/10 as an adaptation. No criticisms.

EDIT: Sasakibe's a cold mofo. Now we know how Yhwach lost :skully
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Yo, the glasses girl has top tier milkies on her :catlewd
Very nice episode overall, Loved the extended Ichigo fight


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Yamamoto and Unohana's are the 1st and 11th captains shown so it's probably in order of their squads.
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Yamamoto and Unohana's are the 1st and 11th captains shown so it's probably in order of their squads.
In that case, then we all got it wrong because 2nd captain is the Quilge-looking guy with the glasses and dark skin Shihoin captain is 3rd.


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It wasn't a full flashback, but I'll take it.

This episode was fucking raw, goddamn... Those Soldat held nothing back, jeez.
I liked the build-up to Ichigo's confrontation with Yuhabach, him rescuing Akon and leaving him with other Shinigami before bailing without saying a word was a really nice touch. The convo with Byakuya was good though I might have preferred it without any music and with the rain's sound effects.
The extended fight between Ichigo and Yuhabach was suitably flashy, and it had a good flow to it. Also nice seeing how Haschwalth cut Tensa Zangetsu. You could infer it, but all we saw in the manga was a closeup of his face and then the Bankai gets snapped.
Great use of OG tracks, the best so far imo.

Though it didn't quite reach the heights of the previous episode, I'd say this is a close second. The ED was great too. Glasses are justice.


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Also it got confirmed that none of the Stern Ritter participated in the war. Which had to be the case since SS had 0 info on them.

Yhwach must have wanted to lose, cuz this makes no sense. :dead

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No..stabbing people from behind MEANS NOTHING

we literally see hisagi stab Tousen from behind even though tousen was barehanding Komamuras bankai attacks.

Wouldn't Yhwach have Blut Vene active though? I guess you could say the same about Tousen’s hierro.
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