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Bleach Manga Complaints Thread


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Creating this thread due to the constant presence of at least one or two versions of a "Bleach sucks" thread in the Library. If you have a new, specific, never before heard of complaint, then feel free to create a thread about it. If you are just making a thread that says the manga is poor quality/has bad writing/etc. etc. for whatever reason, then post your thoughts here. Thank you.

***Also, any threads deemed to be of the general complaint variety will be merged into this thread from now on.***


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Ho ho, I shall start this thread with a poem that many of you may be familiar with. I believe it will help set the mood:


Bleach is a manga based on action
Not so much on the plot reaction
So many trolls say it's boring
We call that postwhoring

Who can deny Grimmjow's flair
Deftly dancing in the air?
Or Renji's Cannon of Bone
Not like Hitsugaya, taking it alone

The battles last for weeks
Filling the air with endless shrieks
Of plot-whores calling for advancement
Not daring to stray from their mother's basement

But the true fans know better
We follow the fights to a letter
Don't come to Bleach for plot
Just enjoy the pretty pictures, and ignore what it's not.


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my only complaints are:

1. the air vents on the side of Mayuri's head obviously act as hearing aids since he has no ears. but if he can replace all his organs with fake ones, why not just make new ears? especially goat ones to match his hair.

2. Nnoira's release barely changed anything and he got extra zanpakuto instead of having it vanish.

3. Ichigo randomly gained the power to go bankai without saying it or causing flashy collateral damage just so he could fight Grimmjow quicker. no one even acknowledged it.


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- Kudbo seems almost scared to deviate from the rails he's built in the past months. Espadas are dropping left and right. Nnoitra, despite his win, will probably suffer the same fate.

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My complaint is Byakuya won against Zomari with PIS, when actually he should have lost...badly...

Don't get me fucking starded on Zaraki.

The list goes on...
Ichigo gaining more hollow time with PNJ??? Wtf...Inoue basiclly doing nothing while having her abilities hyped up to a haxx dragonball extent? Kenpachi actually being able to own against the fifth strongest espada when vizard ichigo was just about as strong as the sixth, yet he beat kenpachi before when he was MUCH MUCH weaker without any explanation what so ever? Having no semblance of plot what so ever for the past 70 chapters? Sounds like a case of "crap manga syndrome" to me :zaru

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I see you Marsala... :hehee

My main complaint is the lack of support for Kenpachi owning unreleased No like that.
Lol that's exactly the formula coteaz...whenever an arrancar releases, the clock turns on, that's just an indicator that the arrancar is going to die soon. No need to worry about the heroes though they always live.


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Lol that's exactly the formula coteaz...whenever an arrancar releases, the clock turns on, that's just an indicator that the arrancar is going to die soon. No need to worry about the heroes though they always live.
Yep...it isn't that i hate the 'heroes' (well, some of them :zaru), but when 'serious fights' suddenly lack tension because you already know who's going to win...something is wrong.

I don't pay for this manga, and I'm not a rabid fan, but there comes a time when pretty pictures and cool designs aren't enough to keep interest.

What happened with Syazel? :zaru
Nobody died. :hehee


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Bleach manga fails.

These latest chapters have been hella boring.

@the "Then don't read it." repliers. I'm gonna keep reading it so I can finally see Zaraki Bankaichi.

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There, I said it! :LOS


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How about we complain about the fact that there are 289379847 Kenpachi threads (of which 823983 is fucking same) in the library but Manga Complaints Thread is opened before a Kenpachi Appreciation Thread or something? And yes, if even general complaints will be merged with this, then question regarding Kenpachi's bankai would also be merged with that as well.

Bleach sucks, bleach section started sucking a lot lately... "Don't read, don't come" repiers, I already don't read or don't come as much as I did, so stfu.
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