Blastoise vs Browser

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blastoise uses hidro pump to lift himself to the floor, and skull bash to simulate the jump on head weakness
Your gonna have to be more specific. If this is Bowser stripped off all his weapons and special items Blastoise curbs him considering his attacks have been said to blast out steel.
Blastoise is screwed

since it is ALL versions of Bowser, he goes Giga and rapes blastoise.... and some other Pokemon while he's at it.:laugh
hmmmmm... isnt blastoise playable in brawl? or was that squirtle? i dunno, lemme get back on topic. okay, i think bowser would win seeing as all versions includes giga bowser, who would stomp blastoise.
didn't Bowser survive falling into a star, and a super nova in Mario Galaxy

and some of you actually thing Blastoises hydro pump would hurt him?
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