Battledome Conversation Thread (Archive)


I'm with <b><font color="#ff6600">COCO</font></b>
Good luck finding a user name, I went through atleast fifty :zaru
Oh, fuck.

I've gone through 8, and they were all aliases I use often.


Fucking AIM. I'm not liking it already. :pek

Bout fucking time! :yell
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I went through every Native American tribe I could think of, every famous Native American I could think of, redrazorback, bluerazorback, pinkrazorback, greenrazorback, Redrazor, Whitney Houston, Kyon, and some various others...WEEEEEEEEE.
I went with SOSDanKyonkun.

That took forever to cook up.


I decided to add you (Lame Spider?) and because my speakers are rather loud (good ol' YouTube and ExtantDodo) I jumped out of my damn chair.
It ended for me when I had to go help drunk friends. Why is it that all of my friends are so lame? Man.... I need to get out of here.
Hey Cam, are you still in the tournament. I heard that you were considering not playing? Don't make me have to think of another strategy for whoever would replace you.
You're right. So... who the hell is Cax? I know of Cam, previously Tsunade48682878w9875987987987 and thus thought this Cax was him.
Cax is awesome, did I miss anything good last night last night?

I am using the Sakura skin from now on. :lmao

Even the rep car colors are different.

It has a quote all button. :lmao
this is so weird having everything in bright red and pink :zaru

and my rep bar is now blue =]
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