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I'm confident now! HAH! So, pimpettes (that is a Kankurou quote form a fic called Quorn Lane, which I would be very happy if someone could find...) Come forth and join my AMAZING
KankuKiba fanclub!!!!

So... This is a fanclub for supporters of Sabaku no KankurouxInuzuka Kiba. There will be gayness. You've been warned. Just ask if you'd like to join, fanworks are VERY appreciated! I'll be starting to put up MATSURI, my super-long KankuKiba fanfic in progress soon. I beg of you to read it.


Who wants in? C'mon... they're so cuuuute together....:wtf

1) nendo-chan
2) aemyth
3) Lunar88
4) Ida
5) Ryuzakilovescake
6) Tsu
7) The-Wolfen
8) Capital-T
9) Le Pyro
10) Fai D. Flourite
11) sonteen12
13) Something.Stupid

(Get it? Tsu? Two?? *brick'd*)
But I want lots of new friends, so joinageplz? :wtf
Lul. Updated 3/29: At the suggestion of our newest member, Le Pyro (:love) We'll begin to construct a fanart and fanfiction section. MATSURI will go onto the fanfic section... :nod
HAR HAR!!! WE HAVE AN ALLIANCE WITH THE KANKUROU FC!! (Because we all know he loves hot young dog-boys :awesome)

^By The-Wolfen :love
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NOT wanting to join but 1 thing to say u r one brave person not even 1 post and u have already started a FC well good luck!!!
NOT wanting to join but 1 thing to say u r one brave person not even 1 post and u have already started a FC well good luck!!!

No, I've already done posting in SasoDei FC... And this pairing is my second favourite, so I feel obliged to get people to like it... And to find fellow fans...
Wow! I can't believe I almost started this fanclub a while back, but then decided I was too lazy!^^ I'll join!
Wow! I can't believe I almost started this fanclub a while back, but then decided I was too lazy!^^ I'll join!

Thankies!! :hug
@ Matsuri_of_Suna-san: Okays! And as a reward...
Chaptre 1-I Couldn?t Think of What to Call It

Inuzuka Kiba, age 15, rank Chuunin, turned the knob that always seemed warm from so much human use. Pulling open the connected door, he allowed his ninken and long-time friend to slip through before closing himself into Tsunade?s office. Upon seeing him, the Lady Hokage began to shuffle through folders, papers, and files on her desk before at last slamming down a rather large and heavy-looking stack of documents and drumming her crimson fingernails on the pile. Staring at the copious amounts of paperwork, Kiba gulped. God, he hoped he wouldn?t have to proctor the next Chuunin exam coming up? The uniforms were one-use-per-exam, and they?d probably have fleas? Tsunade smiled as footsteps sounded in the hall.

?Ah?good. Here he is now. I?ve already briefed the third member of the squad, so that just leaves the two of you??

Mission? Briefed? Third squad member? Kiba ran his fingers through a tussled mess of brunette locks. Well, what could be worse than proctoring? The answer to his question stepped through the threshold and into the room. Kiba turned. Black eyes met black, and the dog-nin felt his breath catch and his heart twist as Sabaku no Kankurou walked up to him and ruffled his hair affectionately.

?Long time no see, bozu.? The puppeteer greeted him cordially, left eye settling into an easy wink. ?Your mutt got bigger, and you got shorter.? Kiba winced at the jab on his less than ideal height. He opened his mouth to come back angrily, but was silenced by Tsunade.

?You two can carry this on later.? She admonished. ?Now, Kankurou-san.? Kiba noticed the slight change in expression that meant business. ?You?ve been informed by your brother and the envoy from Yuki no Kuni as to your role in the ceremonies??

?That?d be a correct assumption. I get to play with toys while Gaara and Temari do politics. My favorite kind of mission, Hokage-sama.? Tsunade?s lips twitched at the comment, and she tried not to smile or laugh. She regained her composure and turned to Kiba.

?This is an A-ranker, Inuzuka. Not something I?d normally give to a Chuunin, even with Jounin supervision.? She inclined her head towards Kankurou, and the younger nin grudgingly remembered he was outranked.

?What does he have to do with it, then?? The brunette asked almost angrily. He wasn?t sure why a flush had come to his face so quickly? ?I mean, if we need a Jounin, why not Neji or Shikamaru?? The Hokage huffed girlishly.

?If you?re done, I?ll explain.? The red on Kiba?s face deepened, and he made sure he wasn?t looking at Kankurou. ?The annual Haru no Matsuri in Yuki no Kuni is coming up. Konoha, a great ally of the country since its ?revival?, will be present, eventually including myself. And Sunagakure??She glanced at the puppeteer. ?Along with Kaze no Kuni wishes to form an alliance, which would make our countries a triple power. So there will be many diplomatic meetings with Empress Koyuki.? Kiba took a moment to digest the information.

?So where do I come in??

?You will be going ahead to Yukigakure and examining the shinobi there. Akamaru and you will also be instrumental in the security forces. With your heightened senses, you?ll be on the lookout for assassins, especially during the main parade.?

?So we both fit in nicely. Who?s our mystery third member, then?? Kankurou queried, slipping his gloved hands into his pockets.

?I am.? Haruno Sakura stated, shutting the door loudly behind her. Akamaru nearly jumped at the sharp noise; Kiba put a comforting hand on the large dog?s fluffy head. Sakura nodded respectfully to all three others in the room and ran an affectionate hand over Akamaru?s back. ?I?ll be acting as, obviously, a medic, as well as filling in for Tsunade-sama during early meetings.? She turned to Kiba. ?I?ll also be accompanying you to check Yukigakure out. I?ve been to the country before, and judging from what I saw of the ninja, I?d like a closer look?? Kankurou grinned at this.

?Makes sense. From what I?ve heard, Yuki-nin are very? prone to becoming rouges?? The kunoichi chuckled, like the two were sharing some kind of inside joke. Tsunade nodded.

?Well. I leave this to the three of you. Sakura has the map and other documents to get you all to the port and then onto the ship.? She took the time to let her amber eyes bore into two pairs of black and one seafoam green. ?A lot is riding on this.? She said quietly. ?For both our nations. Good luck.? All three nodded, Akamaru barked, and then they ever so heroically walked out the door. We should?ve crashed through the window, Kiba thought.


The day was bright, but the silence was awkward as the three teens and one dog stepped out into the sunshine. They stood together for a few minutes before Sakura stomped her foot loudly, creating a small dent in the dirt.

?Do we plan on standing here? I have to get my things, and I?m sure Kiba-kun needs time to prepare, too.? Kankurou blinked and focused on the kunoichi.

?Say what? I caught the last word, there.? Kiba winced as Sakura turned her full-power glare on the Jounin. There was a second of tense quiet before Kankurou began to laugh. ?You do realize I?m joking, right?? Sighing, he slipped back into a more serious demeanor. ?All right, kiddies. Had my laughs there. You?ve got five minutes to meet me at the gate with any and all supplies you need.? When no one moved, Kankurou flapped his hand back and forth in a shooing motion. ?Go on? git!... Feel free to go any time now?? Kiba hopped onto Akamaru, and the partners were off, speeding towards the Inuzuka household. The pleasantly warm wind whipping his face didn?t help eradicate the tender, pink blush that had spread across his cheeks, making him feel uncomfortably feminine? Akamaru snuffed concernedly, thankfully pulling Kiba?s mind away from certain things it didn?t wish to explore.

?I?m okay, boy.? He replied, running a soothing hand over the large dog?s windblown side. ?Just?? Shaking his head wildly, he erased all thoughts of 3 years ago, Kankurou?s arms around his waist in support, carefully avoiding the wounds, breath fanning over his ear? ?Godammit!? Kiba yelled, scaring the living crap out of some little kids nearby. Akamaru screeched to a halt and turned his head towards Kiba, expression questioning. Said dog-nin shook his head no and waved his hand in front of himself. ?Ummmm? we?ve gotta keep going, boy?? Akamaru ruffed in agreement and sprinted the last stretch home. Rushing in the door (and conveniently NOT removing his sandals) Kiba hurried up to his room and began to cram various ninja tools and clothing items into a traveling bag. His sister Hana had soon curiously poked her head into the room. Before she could begin to berate him for his sloppiness, Kiba slung the pack over his shoulder and leaped through the open window, Akamaru faithfully following close behind. He partially turned to see her head sticking out the window as she yelled something or other at him. The brunette laughed and extended his middle finger in his sister?s direction before rotating around and landing promptly at the gate.

AW YEAH!! *Raito pose* page 2... Is anyone capable of making banners?? :wtf
And people, when you join an FC, stay active, please! I'm really the only one posting here, and that makes me feel like a complete rube. (that is a word)
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