Asuma vs. Team Eight

Who would win?

  • Asuma

    Votes: 16 66.7%
  • Team Eight

    Votes: 8 33.3%

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Ahh. What a drag...
Someone asked me this a while ago, I'm pretty sure Asuma would win, but I wanted to see what people think.

Asuma Pre-Skip vs. Kiba, Hinata, and Shino Pre-Skip

Battleground is the Chuunin Finals Area

Combatants start as far away from each other as they combatants did in the manga and anime during the exams. I'd say about 15 feet or 4.5 meters.
Pre skip Kiba, Hinata, and Shino are useless.

Shit, post skip they're useless too.

Asuma stomps.
Asuma wins. Shino was the only strong one on the team. Kiba did get stronger during the rescue Sasuke arc
Pre-skip, huh? Yeah, they'd get annihilated. Even the Sound Four had to go all out just to beat two, lower-level Jōnin. Kiba couldn't beat one of the Sounds by himself, and say he was the strongest of that team back then. So they sure as Hell aren't going to stand a chance against a guy like Asuma.
This would be a sad sight. Asuma takes this with relative ease. Shino would probably last the longest against him.
Asuma Pre-Skip vs. Kiba, Hinata, and Shino Pre-Skip

Battleground is the Chuunin Finals Area

Asuma beats each of these pre-skip characters in ONE taijutsu move each.

If this was post-skip team 8, then with good teamwork they can pose a threat to Asuma and beat him 1/2 times depending on strategy.
This may not be easy to accept, but Asuma would defeat all three in, as Psycho Master said, one taijutsu move each. He's elite jonin level, and we've seen him beat high chūnin and low jōnin with that ease. Unless you want to walk the inane path of insisting that genin with names are stronger than unimportant low jōnin, there's really no question here.

None of Hinata, Shino or Kiba (no, not even Kiba) would be able to dodge Asuma's attacks. A chakra knife ends one life by slicing through someone's heart, hien ends another by slitting a throat, and he probably kills the third by backhanding them in the nose.
How is this even an issue?? 3 o.k. rookies against an elite jonin/!?!

Asuma without breaking a sweat.:noworry
We saw what happens when a high level jounin fights low level shinobi. Asuma has showed us first hand when he fought the sound shinobi. He blitzed them so fast that they were unable to react, Asuma destroying them before they even had time to do anything. That is what would happen here, Asuma blitzing and annihalating Team 8 before the genin can even have time to start any of there moves. If I was to break it down, most of Team 8 needs prep time to start their fighting style. Byakugan for Hinata. Releasing of the destruction bugs for Shino. Food pills and fusing with Akamaru for Kiba. I don't see Hinata lasting very long against Asuma, especially if Asuma blitzed the entire team. Hinata would be the first to go since she has no real way to defend against Asuma's speed and power. Kiba may be able to dodge the first blitz since he is pretty fast, but nowhere near Asuma's level at this point. Shino is a very good shinobi and is very underrated, but his weakness seems to lie in speed. He was having some trouble dodging some of Kankuro's attacks pre-skip, attacks that seemed fairly easy to dodge. I see him and Hinata going down around the same time, if not the entire team falling within a matter of minutes to Asuma's speed and power. Maybe if this battle was post skip, then Team 8 would stand a better chance to fight off such a strong jounin.
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