Ask me to write a poem on anything ^^,

I can't promise it will be good
So, dont flame me if its bad
I'll try (a little), as I should
But if its not that great don't get mad

So, ask me anything thing you want
and i'll answer with a poem :amuse

^Sorry, for the lame poem XD
I was going to ask for a Petrarchan Sonnet on reminescense and memory...

But if you could do a poem [I don't mind about structure - free verse - whatever tickles your fancy] with To Zanarkand in mind...
and try to capture the beauty of Final Fantasy X [make it into a story or whatever you like] then that would be great.

This was the first thing I found on youtube:
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the majority of my poems here are from the top of my head where i just type and post with no thought beforehand :LOS
the sun set

The sun set is so nice to see
I wish time would never stop when i see it
I wish it could go on forever and always be
But thats just me


mysery-poem, right now :LOS

I hate how you left me
I cried and I cried
Reduced me to nothing
Today is the day I die


can you do a poem on black holes please

You do nothing, but cause destruction
Why are you here?
Many things can benfit a situation
Save you, I fear


Yes, I know they aren't that good, but I'm not trying to win a poetry contest. XD.
Moron, you're not a failure
You just can't find a girl
She's out there for sure
Somewhere in this world​

I got your girlfriend issues in blenderpedia :lmao
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