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[Art] Drawing an eye



  • Your entry must be new and taken specifically for this contest.
  • You can PM your process (and we'll put it in a spoiler tag), but you definitely have to PM your result aswell.
  • This contest is specifically made for newbies (and this week's theme is brought to you by an amateur. Try to be respectful of people at a lower level than you and not, well, hog what is supposed to be their spotlight.
  • Please don't feel bad about your finished result! This is about learning; not showing off.
  • Entries can be digital or traditional - it does not matter.
[Art] Tutorial 1: Drawing the eye

If you want a more in depth explanation on this and want to know "why an egg?" - discuss all of it in the discussion thread or PM me. Any questions and I'll be happy to answer.

Deadline & additional information:
This contest will end FEBRUARY 18TH, SUNDAY. Submit your entry to BOTH @Trinity AND @White Wolf privately. Any confusion on what you're supposed to draw for this contest, direct them to @Trinity.
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