Are you excited?

yeah when i bought my coastal jaguar carpet python. I was waiting a month for him. Why cause he's gonna make me some money.
I always get excited easily. I'm happy person so I'm always kinda hyper and I'm easy to get into that mood. So, yeah, I get excited from being with friends, hanging out with them, and so on . . . :amuse
No, i have nothing to get excited over. I go to school and back home. Eat sleep and repeat the same thing 5 times a week and on weekends i jsut stay at home. :oh
I get excited when Friday gets here. The weekend !! smile-big

I also look for forward to the new manga each week :p

and when the anime stuff I order online

comes in .......:laugh I know I'm a freak.. lol
Oh, as for the person I get excited on, my husband he's hot !!!
I get excited very easily, but there are some days that nothing excites me.
I get very excited for no obvious reasons. :zaru For no reason (at least none other people know) I'll start going 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Kyaaah!'


Or something like that.
i get excited at the thought of spam threads like this one getting moved to the CB :zaru

i got excited when i got Super Smash Bros Brawl on Wii....

and won my first and only online match today ^_^
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