Are you a PERVERT? Find out!

Looking at the dialogue and the pictures is enough to make you think in the perverted way, I think.

But Oro is a pervert. That doesn't change. :p
How come the pervy dude with the sunglasses in the bottom right is flicking me off??:pek
I dont think of myself as a total pervert since I believe everyone has a little pervert in them but it is pretty much clear to everyone "even non-perverts" that the page you posted has sexual preferences because the thread itself is about finding out if you are a pervert.
Are you FAIL? Find out!

I highly doubt all of them lied.

You talk about "you lack balls" what the heck is that supposed to mean without it having anything to do with "balls"? Ofcourse it was representing the other "balls", the snake part i understand, but you messed it up with the balls part. Could have been a win thread though, if you didnt add the "balls" part in it. You still get reps for me since you were close to a win thread. :wink
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