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Apparently , Sternritters can use Blut Vene to their eyeballs?

Just watched a 35sec new anime trailer....
As Nodt tanked a Senbonzakura cherry blossom with his eyeball by focusing Blut Vene at it.
Soooooo...........does that mean.........he didn't use in the manga when he was cut by Senbonzakura in the forearm ???



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It's a barrier around the entire body as Blut Vene Anhaben showed when it extended the reach out of the body. Yhwach should have given Pernida the greatest Blut because it can flex around with nerves.
I also like Driscoll's voice. It fits him perfectly since he is a giant meathead.
Like those characters who are loud and say all the time ''ORA ORA ORA.....OOORRRRA......MUDA MUDA IOOO TEME''

:blinditachi :bang :rotfl
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