Another sasuke tag..

It's ok, but I feel as if the contrast could've been better, like on the left of the sig. Imo, this would look better as b/w and without text, and maybe Sasuke should be sharpened a little. I really like the right side though, brightness fits there.

Keep it up :amuse
Yeah, the contrast could be a bit better, and i think that you need to really work on choosing your text font and how to have it blend in better.
sasukes color is bad, and maybe its me but it all seems blurry even sasuke, 5/10 (nothing special)

well done though and keep at it :kthumb
i like some of the effects used, still the colors dont match and it looks a little blurry
Hmm...the text could be blended in a bit better, and Sasuke could be more focused (He looks kinda washed out actually). As far as backround goes, the right side ish better than the left. I would try and make the left side more like the right side.

Overall, it could use work, but it's not a bad sig either. It's somewhere in between.
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