Anna, Jun, & Hanagumi vs. Female Espada


Counting Sheep...
Are Anna, Jun, and the Hanagumi (Kana, Marion, and Matti) enough to beat Halibel and Nel based on your perception and inference? Or would they need Iron Maiden Jeanne to come in and solo? :LOS
Anna soloes this. What you talk of is straight up overkill.:pek On a more serious note, we haven't seen anything from Halibel and I doubt I'll be impressed.
But would Anna be blitzed? I can't remember if she has many speed feats; only a massive spiritual power and physical strength.
Her 1080 beads prevent the espada from doing anything to her

while she sits protected all she has to do is summon from sk shinigami or chant them away

Jun goes down

and im having troble remebering who hana is

is she the crossbow chick?
Kana is the oldest of the Hanagumi; she has long hair and carries a cigarette in her mouth most of the time. Her ghost is Ashcroft, a suit of armor.

Does it make a difference if I toss in Yoruichi, Kuukaku, Unohana, Soi Fon, Rukia... ah, whatever... the whole Bleach girl cast? :LOS
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