Anime Fall Season 2006


Fall is almost upon us. Along with a drop in temperature and a change in the color of the leaves, Fall also brings us a whole new batch of anime shows premiering in Japan for us to enjoy :amuse

Which upcoming series are you most looking forward too? Which are your "Must Watch!" titles and which have just sparked your interest for whatever reason? Which series do you have high expectations for? Which do you have low expectations for? Basically this thread is just to discuss this upcoming anime season and perhaps get some hype going :amuse New anime seasons are always pretty exciting for me :p

Anyways, the main series that I?m defiantly looking forward to this season are Negima!?, Negima! Spring OVA, Death Note, and D.Gray-man. I love the Mahou Sensei Negima manga and while Negima!? isn?t going to be a direct manga adaptation, its still Negima and the animation is looking good. The Negima! Spring OVA on the other hand is based on the manga, full of fanservice, and the animation looks fantastic! Both are a 10/10 on my hype scale right now :p I also really liked the Death Note manga so it goes without saying I am looking forward to the anime. I really hope they do a good job with this one, it has a lot of potential. I haven?t gotten around to reading the D.Gray-man manga yet but Ive heard a lot of good things about it and it seems to be right up my alley so Im looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

A few other series I?m currently interested in are Busou Renkin (liked the manga but the anime is being done by Xebec :cry I have zero faith in Xebec to make good anime adaptations of a good manga. I will give it a chance anyways though), History?s Strongest Disciple Kenichi (Ive heard good things about the manga and a good martial arts anime sounds good to me), Pumpkin Scissors (no clue how this one will turn out but the name made me turn my head and the story sounds like it could have potential, idk I will give it a try), Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! (looks like a good light hearted love comedy thats worth a shot), and a few others that I really know nothing about but look like they could be interesting.

What fall series do you have your eyes on?
I'm most likely going to watch Kanon and Death note, as I've seen the old kanon and want to see how KyoAni redoes it. Death Note seemed to be huge in the manga world, so I'll definitely check it out.

I'll also check out the first few eps of Sumomo momomomo or whatever it's called.
Considering there are 52 new animes this season, itll be hard to find the good ones
Well, I'm not looking forward to many series, but these are the ones that have either caught my eye or I have been eagerly anticipating :amuse


Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl
Mai Otome
Shakugan no Shana

TV Series

Negima (Remake)
Kanon (Remake)
Kujibiki Unbalance (Remake)
Pocket Monsters: Diamond and Pearl
Classes are gonna be hectic this semester so I'm only really gonna pay attention to D.Gray-man (first and foremost), Death Note and Negima!?. Some OVAs as well.
I have like, 16 series on the list. No, I'm not even joking. Half of them I'm interested in viewing, the rest I've been waiting for an eternity's bliss.
Pocket Monsters: Diamond and Pearl and Death Note for me, I'll also need to watch some random shows to fill the gap left by Higurashi and .hack//roots, which end soon :(
I think Death Note.

I like to focus on one series at a time really, rather than download loads of series at once. Plus, this seems the most interesting out of them all.
I really really really really can't wait till Death Note begins XD 3rd October is near :3
I'm gonna check out:
- Bushilord, because it's from Gainax and the main character looks cool. He has a sword, I'm always in for sword action
- Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto, samurai anime always interest me. It's by sunrise, that's also a good thing.
- Kekkaishi, cause it looks funny and it's also by Sunrise
- Ayakashi Ayashi, Original Concept by studio BONES, need I say more
- Death Note, speaks for itself
- Code Geass: Revolution of Lelouch, a mecha anime by clamps&sunrise.
- Chevalier, new Production I.G anime. Check the Chevalier thread for more info.
- Kanon, Kyoto animation Drama,Romance
- D. Gray Man, just started reading the manga and it's pretty good.
- Negima OVA: Trailer looked cool.
- Black Lagoon Season 2: Season 1 was cool

Here's a pic of all the Fall Anime
Whoa. Based on that pic, I can spot three mecha and one Rockman anime. Anyone care to give the title of those anime?
one of the mag said that D.Gray man and Death Note are show on the same day. Double dose =P

I might check out Ayakashi ayashi since its the one which will follow after blood+
Best anime season for ages in my opinion. :) I've been disappointed with every season for the past three years or so, but I'm excited about this one even though I don't even know half the series yet.

Just from those I do know, I'm definitely looking forward to:
  • D.Gray-man - I like the manga a lot; good art and general style, quite a nice cast of characters and solid action. If the anime can recreate the art/style of the manga, this could be great.
  • Death Note - one of the most interesting series I've read for a long time... it may not work so well in anime form, admittedly, but it should still be a gripping watch.
  • Kanon - the original seies was nice, so a remake by KyoAni - who did such a wonderful job with Air - should be amazing. I love Key. ^_^

So that's three A-grade titles already... most recent seasons have produced no more than one, IMO. :)

I'm sure there will be some hidden gems, too, which we won't know much about until they start airing. Has anyone got a full list of most/all the Autumn titles with links to their websites or something? >_>;
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