Anime crossovers you?d like to see

Kirigakure no Seiryu

Yukiism forever ^^
Not sure if this has been done before, but I?d like to ask you what kind of anime crossovers you?d like to see and what you think would happen in such a crossover.


-No flaming, spamming or perverted stuff,
-No one- liners please ^^
-Please comment on the ideas of the others. It?s allways nice to get some feedback,
-Have fun ^_^

One crossover I?d like to see is a Rozen Maiden/Haruhi crossover that takes place somewhere around the second season of Rozen Maiden. I can really imagine Haruhi picking up rumours about strange living dolls near one house in japan nd storming off to the scene with the whole SOS Brigade following her, both because she tells them to and to minimize damage. Jun would most likely be less than enthusiastic after watching Haruhi barge in and search for weird stuff without asking for his permission, while the Rozen Maiden would try to keep a low profile (maybe they recieved a anonymous warning ?)with varying success.

Well, what do you think ? I think that would be fun to watch ^^
Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann with... dunno, nothing is awsome enough to be crossed ower with it...

Anyway the Bleach DB would be interesting!

Two of the funniest and greatest teachers of all time together in an anime. mebbe some romance too.

That would be an epic.
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