Good morning! Well I was a lazy ass over the weekend and didn't spend a lick of time on drawing. So this morning before work I decided to whip something up! I guess this would qualify as a 'speed paint' - about an hour and a half work based off the original manga frame. Sasuke and Itachi exchange flames!

Amaterasu - 1024x515


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Jeez Louise! That "whipped together"?! It's really incredible and I love that you've got the Amaterasu and katon clashing (great effects!) with the rain and smoke & mist. And the unique shadows that each jutsu casts is very nice.
Just insane!
I mean it's very cool!
=) I like your drawing.
Once again I'm going wild.
Every time I see beautiful drawings, I go wild.
Amazing! I love the effect of the Amaterasu, the black flames leaking out.

Great job, will comment on dA a little later.
That is the essence of epicness. It is simply to awesome to comprehend.
It's just amazing!@@!@!!@ +repz

seriously!! it's awesome!! you rock!!

The Amaterasu looks very menacing in this picture! I like the purple colors you have added to it, and everything else is of a high standard in this artwork. Keep it up I say!
Terrific job! The drawing looks very well done with lots of detail :iria The coloring looks splendid as well the "look" of the two different fires mixing together. This one deserves some green :LOS
.....................I'm speechless. Well not really, but that piece of art is absolutely amazing :amazed. Take some rep :)
I love it:zaru

Dude, can I take that art so I can use it in the near future?:oh

I want to make it as my signature sometimes:amuse
Holy...that is impressive. Love how you did the different type of strokes for the two different katon attacks. Itachi's Amaterasu looks so wonderfully sinister. Love how the different colors of their flame reflect upon the grown and their figures. The little bits of detail on them are so nicely done as well, I see Sasuke's little tiny bow. :3
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